Policing In America and Minorities

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There have been many questions posed in recent years about American policing practices. The shooting of two residents from an ethnic community, both of whom were killed by police, may be the source of these questions (Gallup np), or it could be due to the killing of police officers. Due to constant abuse by law breakers and the use of force in the drug war, law experts met for a consultation to decide whether the legal system required changes. Since the vast majority of civilian-police encounters conclude happily with no fatalities and no collisions of any kind making it to the front page. But in the event of accidents number of people who feel the wrath of the officers is quite noticeable (CATO np) giving rise to the concerns by citizens and human rights activists. Before providing background for my case, the paper will firstly identify key points for the argument then give a more defined argument for the stand. Finally, the article will close with activities that can be put in place and future alternatives.

With the level in which minorities tolerate brutality by police has remained constant across what police force refer to as use of strength from lean physical force to gunshots. Despite this, a study by The Science of Justice: Race and Police Use of Force have pointed out that even though police officers rarely use force in their encounters with the civilians, the use of force is evidently high for minorities which are three times greater that of feeling by majority groups.

Gallup social research team tried to see how whites and blacks perceive the treatment of minorities by the police force and it showed that there is a division on Black Americans views, with almost a half of the number indicating that there is fair treatment and about a half demonstrating otherwise. Moreover, over 75% of whites do believe that minority races are handled fairly by the cops. An updated research shows that there is the change in whites’ response together with that of blacks which have no noticeable changes in the conflicting views where 48% is believing that minorities are handled in unfairly and 50% saying reasonably. In regards to the confidence towards police officers, the gap of 29% between whites and blacks is evident with 29% of blacks showing much trust in police departments in comparison to whites who has 58%. This confidence disparity in the American policing system is not a new case since it has evidently been taking place in the past occurrences as shown by confidence measures provided by Gallup.

Furthermore, surveys done over recent years towards the minority societies do demonstrate that it is likely for a police officer to apply more force when dealing with the minority groups. Evidently, America compared to other races have been giving police offices relatively low grades in all regions through holding law enforcing groups accountable for the use of excessive force, misconduct and finally handling racial groups unequally. Measures have been undertaken by law enforcement society to try and solve and end the mishandling of minority groups with better strategic community policing. Police officers in America still argue that police force remains to be a risky career, where there are a lot of guns per capita in America as compared to any other country leading to increased homicide cases. Residents rarely understand the uncountable occurrences where the police decide not to use force under unfavourable conditions; it shows even for the superior cops it is not always easy for them to point a gun faster compared to an offender holding the same firing before the officer can even lift their weapon. This results in an impromptu judgment even when the environment is calm. In spite of this, FBI does indicate that law officers at times approach the occurrences of these events poorly with little information even when inappropriate force was applied fairly, thus resulting in confusion and outrage of the masses.

Still, judiciary rule against stop-and-frisk policies pointing out that they are not constitutional, indicating that fundamental changes are being put in place. It was also noted that inappropriate sentences passed on minority groups have resulted in overcrowding the prisons. These rulings have led to drastic changes in America's policing overall. Even if a significant number of citizens feel that crime rates are being affected by the judicial system and law enforcement's methods, it is to point out, that we still have other crucial factors that influence the process too. Unemployment, literacy levels, demographic and economies of scale, police crime reporting methods and leaderships are important points that need to be addressed too.

Evidently, it won’t be wrong for youth from minority groups being frisked by an armed officer to feel handled inappropriately as a citizen, prompting probable extreme counter measures. It is great if we perceive these as policing system taking steps to protect the citizens. Also, lots of police departments tend to assign a larger number of officers in most affected areas which, are often inhabited by the impoverished in the minority sections. Intensive police activities are needed in these parts since much of interactions will be with the youth it is of great importance that police agencies do ensure those police officers to act with a high degree of professionalism and try to build trust with the community as they provide their services in their designated areas. However, there needs some input in making a case for criminal justice whose obligation to protect as opposed obstruction of our rights. This process will, in turn, allow residents to change their view of police officers from occupying soldiers to guardians. Finally providing police force a chance to partake the excellent services given to them.


The associations of minorities with the police raise one of the more detailed or rather tolerable problems in law enforcements. Even if these interactions are often problematic, they can also be pleasing. It is unforgivable to handle any groups in an unfair manner, and orientation of cops towards minor groups reflects virtues of our community at large. A police officer will tend to feel like their discriminatory acts are more justified in a community that is hateful towards a particular group. The society problem will be eradicated through changing policing culture, refocusing our minds and rethinking the role of a police officer will bring much more substantial changes. To make these ideas work, our community should be willing to bridge the broken gap between us and the law enforcements.

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October 20, 2022

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