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Among all the leadership roles I prefer the role of a supervisor in an organization. The supervision role is usually taken up by managers who are responsible for the workers. It involves delegating roles and responsibilities to subordinates, monitoring their performances at work and ensure that deadlines are met. Supervisors also provide that proper communication is maintained before a task is completed, during the job and after the completion of the work. The supervision role occurs in all the levels of an organization from the top to the lower levels. Adequate supervision, therefore, ensures that a company operates effectively with all employees completing their tasks that provide that the objectives of the company are met in time.

In my career, I have taken up many leadership roles including that as a team leader. As a team leader, I could develop different strategies that were used by the team to meet its goals. I also provided training to team members, providing instructions and responding to the team members. As a team leader, I also monitored the participation of all the team members and ensured that they all took up their roles. Also, as a team leader, I managed the flow of daily operations and also provided reports to the proper personnel. The role ensured that I was responsible for guiding the team while I also ensured that they completed their required tasks on time and as needed. I also developed and implemented a timeline that was used by my team to perform their functions.

Rating my political skills, I would give it an average because of the skills associated. I have control of what I communicate with others. Therefore, I think before speaking. The capability helps to ensure that all the things I voice I the organization have been carefully considered about.

Additionally, I am good at networking and also maintain sincerity in my actions. Most often I use networking and sincerity. Networking enables me to create and maintain strong working relationships and friendships. It ensures that conflicts are easily managed while negotiations are simplified. Sincerity, on the other hand, provides that I show honesty, openness, integrity, genuineness, and authenticity. These qualities ensure that I acquire the trust of other employees in the organization ensuring that they also learn and promote to the growth of the organization. I would change and develop my political skills by improving my communication skills and improving my relationship with others at different levels.

I believe that most managers use their influencing powers for the benefits of the organization. Most managers are straightforward, and they tend to follow up on the employees. They do so to ensure that all the employees meet their goals in the organization in time. Their roles include following up on employees to ensure that they complete their roles in time. This helps to keep workers on their toes to ensure that they achieve their tasks effectively. To help managers to become more ethical in influencing others, the organization can develop a code of ethics which will provide guidelines and directions to ensure that the employees maintain ethical behavior. Managers can also be made role models of the organization. This will ensure that they retain ethical behavior because they are looked up to by the other employees. Organizations can also introduce disciplinary actions for misconduct and unethical behavior and provide rewards for ethical behavior. This will keep the managers and the workers on their toes thus reducing unethical practices in the organization.

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