pornography's negative aspect on society

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The presence of pornographic photographs and movies has caused heated controversy around the world. The majority of religious organizations have vigorously opposed the creation of lewd pornographic photographs and videos. On the same note, psychiatrists have chimed in, pointing out the negative psychological effects of pornography. Importantly, sociologists have found that pornography has a negative influence on cultural ideals, attitudes, and norms.The findings conducted to find out the impact of pornographic on society have noted that the exposure of the society to the pornographic act has made the men have a negative perception towards the women. In most of the cases, men have viewed the women as a mere sexual object. The sociologists have revealed that the increasing cases of rape and child molestation can be related to the watching of the pornographic images and films. The psychiatrists have pointed out that exposure of children to the elicited act of the pornography would make them violent and promiscuous. The paper seeks to provide an in-depth discussion of the negative aspect of the pornography and its effects on the culture.
Negative Aspect of Pornography on a Society
Loss of Respect to Women
The existence of the pornography has played a significant role in damaging the cultural values in the society. In the traditional set-up of the society, men are charged with the mandate of respect and cherish their wives. The values and norms in the society also demand that men should extend the respect they shown to their married to all women in the society. Furthermore, the construction of the society was made in such a way that both the men and women should treat each other as human beings but not as objects. Both are expected to show love and value their partner. However, the emergence of the pornography has made men to change their perception towards the women (Balan n.p). Through the internet and video clips on the pornographic movies, women have been incessantly portrayed as an object meant for sex. The web and clip further describes the women as being with dignity in which any man can go to bed with. Worst to point is that the pornographic pictures, images, and films have shown that it is fun for one woman to engage in sexual activities with more than one man. The above negative and slandering of the dignity and value of the women have changed the position of the women in the society. Some men in the society who are fanatic observers of the pornographic movies have been noted to view the women not as human being but as a sexual object (Balan n.p). The impact of this wrong perception towards the women is that it takes a way the cultural position of the women in the society. In this respect, the pornographic affects the culture in the society.

Increase of cases of Divorce
The societal values expect that a man and a woman would come together to form a family. The two mentioned adults are expected to show love and intimacy to each other. In case they have a child or children, the society demands that they provide the kid(s) with love, protection, and care. In spite of the family and the financial challenges, the two are expected to stick together and avoid any temptation of separation. The cultural value of the family is completely against the divorce because it affects the children; they may lack adequate care and supervision making them devoid of moral values (Jackson n.p). The pornography has escalated the numerous cases of the divorce. A point to note is that the pornographic movies have displayed that there is nothing wrong with engaging in sex with a stranger. Above all, it has further indicated that both several men can engage in sexual activities with just a single women and the same applies to women. As a result of this, the men and women who constantly watch the mentioned obscene films would engage in sex outside the marriage because the pornography explicitly indicates that there is nothing wrong in doing so (Balan n.p). However, the culture of the society demands that integrity and respect must be practice in the marriage. The value of both men and women must be seen in their endeavor to remain faithful. The constant engagement of the sex outside marriage has been one of the major causes for divorce. From this discussion, it is, therefore, clear that pornography destroy the family cultural values, thereby making men and women to show infidelity in their marriage.
Cultural Impact on Children
Prevalently, each and every society has its own culture, values, belief and norms. Despite the slight variation in cultural values of different society, there is a common value of culture in all the society. The children are the future generation; therefore, the society put a higher expectation on them so that they become responsible during their adult age. In this regard, the Society introduces the kids to ethical values and standards at a tender age. Through this, they learn to differentiate between what is good and that which is unethical (Jackson n.p). However, when the children are exposed to the pornographic movies at an early age, the cultural values that they have learned would go into a waste. The mentioned indecent films would make them to the respect to their body and start viewing sex like any normal act. The worst to note is that the child would be brainwashed and would start to engage in the sex at a very tender age. Most of the research have further noted that the children who watch the discussed films have a tendency of becoming sexual promiscuous at a very early age (Jackson n.p). The cultural impact of this is that when such as child grows into an adult his/her family would be in a completely devoid of the cultural values. Moreover, such a child would also have a distorted relationship between men and women. In the sense that the male child would perceive women as a sexual tool while the female child would perceive a man source of pleasure (Jackson n.p). Notably, the easiest way to destroy a child is by exposing them to pornographic movies.
Compelling Women to have Poor Relationship with Men
The cultural values of the society are for the women to have value, love and cherish their husband. A point to note is that their husband should be their source of joy. The cultural norms continuously advocate for a united family that is bonded with moral values. Furthermore, the societal values demand that a woman must show utmost respect to her marriage institution. In doing so, it put a strict measure for a woman not compares her husband with any other men. However, the emergence of the pornography has completely taken away the respect and the value that the women have placed upon a man (Balan n.p). Through constant watching of the immoral act, women have been noted to compare the acting sexual performance with the real sex that she engages with the husband. Since of the lewd act have been acted, there cannot be compared to that of the real life situation. As a result of the inability of their men to perform as per the pornographic scenes that she has watched, the woman would start feeling dissatisfied. The mentioned dissatisfaction would play a major in destroying the good and intimacy relationship that she had with the husband. Owing to the specified act, the women would lose the urge and feeling for real sex and would prefer watching the discussed films other than engaging sex with the husband (Balan n.p). The poor relationship attributed by the pornography may lead to the separation of the two or cause a constant conflict in the family. Notably, from the discussion, it explicit that the pornography is capable of destroying the relationship between the husband and wife which is against the societal expectation of a long lasting healthy and intimacy relationship between the two.
Increase of incidences of Rape and Child Molestation
The cultural values advocate for the members of the society to behave decently and in decorum manner. Certain wayward behaviors such as rape and child molestation are severely condemned in the society. A point to note is that certain communities have gone far as banishing the men who engaged in the either rape or child molestation. Despite the mentioned behaviors being a taboo and against the culture, the society has continued to face and increasing trend in numerous cases of rape and child molestation (Schneider and Coutts 153). The pointed strong-willed behavior has made the women perceive men as a very inhuman creature, thereby reducing the healthy relationship that the culture expects to exist between them. The watching or viewing of the pornographic act has played a significant role in changing individual into animal creatures. The men, who invariably entertained themselves with the mentioned videos, have been noted to be violent to the women. Notably, the pornography has reduced their humanistic feeling towards the women; they no longer care or bothered with the pain that a woman is facing. Instead, such men have found pleasure in hurting women. Lack of feeling of pain and agony of the women has compelled men who are a pornographic addict to mercilessly rape the women without caring to know the impact such an act to a woman (Schneider and Coutts 156). On a similar note, the pornography has forced to molest the youngsters, because those who engage in such an inhuman act have no feeling regarding the pain and the impact of the molestation has on the child. Since pornography has the ability to influence the behavior of men, it therefore destroys and harms the culture in the society.
Increase of cases of Homosexuality
Prevalently, homosexuality is not only a sin before God but also heinous act in any societal set-up. The society has laid down the ethical values and the societal standard that the behavior of the members of the society should conform to. The culture demand that men and women should come together and form a family, and raise their kids in a decent manner. With regards to the mentioned act, it would not be possible for the establishment of a family. However, despite the strong values established by the society, incidences of the homosexuality have continued to impact the society (Silvera et al. 1732). The images and movies of the pornography have continually revealed that pleasure is also found on homosexuality. Notably, by continue to display incidences of the same sex in a human being, a number of people have been influenced to try and practice what they watch on the pornography. As result of the negative influence, the culture of the society has been significantly eroded. Important to note is that the pornography has gone as far as advocating for the anal sex which is completely against the culture. Worst to note is that it has made the responsible men engage in the anal sex with their beloved wives (Silvera et al. 1732). The negative impact of the homosexuality and anal sex has made both men and women seek for pleasure from people of the same sex. Consequent to this, men have failed to satisfy their wives, making their women to register less desire for sex with their husband, thereby leading to continuous family conflict and increasing cases of divorce.
Deceptive Nature of Pornography
The society has positioned both men and women have people with feelings and respect for one another. Also, the society has made the mentioned category of people to value their marriage and always to engage in the sexual activities when it deems fit. The culture on the same note portrays the sex as a respectful act that should not be exposed outside the marriage. Notably, the culture characterizes a woman as a person with numerous positive virtues who should not be easily lured into sex. In essence, the cultural values depict a woman as the integral person who should always respect and value her dignity. Similarly, it has pictured men to be sensible people who should respect their women and only to engage in the sexual act with their wives. However, the pornographic film gives a wrong and deceptive perception for men, women, and sex (Gregoire n.p). The discussed obscene act have portrayed women has people who are very promiscuous and cannot say no to sex. It further depicts them as a human who cannot wait to have sex with strangers. Above all, it has portrayed them as people who can engage in sexual activity without any protection but cannot be impregnated. On a similar note, it has given men a wrong and dishonest representation. According to pornographic images and videos, men have been revealed as people who are sexually weak and capable of going into bed with any women (Gregoire n.p). Also, it has portrayed sex as just any normal act; it has not paid any respect to the sexual act. The cultural impact on the discussed deception is that wrong impression given to men, women, and sex has increases incidences of abuse in sex and society not valuing the respect that should be given to the sexual act.
Contributing to Social and Psychological Problems
The society expects men to spend most of their free time with their values. The major responsibility is to take good care of the family and treat their wife with esteem respect. The abuse and mistreatment of the wife should not arise in the family. The family virtues further demand that men should open up to their wives during their hard times, and at no given time should they isolate themselves from the family. Above all, the cultural values and the society at large expect a man to avoid activities that would reduce their productivity in the marriage. However, pornographic images and movies have completely impacted men; in several cases, men who have become addicted to the pornography have been noted to spend most of their valuable time in watching the discussed elicit act. Worst to note is that such men have neglected their major responsibility in the family (Schneider and Coutts 156). Instead of spending their night with their married wife, they would either glue their eyes on watching the pornographic act up to late midnight night. Notably, the pornographic addict has reduced the sexual erection of such men, most of them during the sex with their wives; they have to recollect the pornographic act as a way of initiating their erection (Gregoire n.p). As a result of dysfunction attributed by the pornographic images and movies, the pornographic addict men have been observed to have a low self-esteem; this may compel them to isolate themselves from their family. Also, if the low self-esteem is not managed properly, they may develop stress and depression. From the discussion, it is evident that pornography can harm and destroy men in their marriage.
From the discussion, it is clear that the porn has negatively affected the society. It has made the men to perceive the women as a mere sexual object other than the human being. Also, it has promoted the infidelity in marriages, thereby leading to a myriad of cases of separations and divorces. Besides, it has brainwashed the minds of the male youngsters, making them grow violent, promiscuous and having a low opinion of women. Moreover, it has compelled the women to demand for the acted pornographic sex, if their men fail to satisfy them, their intimacy relationship would be significantly impacted. Furthermore, watching the pornographic images and movies has made the men to lose the feeling of pain towards their women; this has made to engage in rape and child molestation. In addition to this, the pornographic displays and movies have promoted homosexuality. Also to mention is that it provides a deceptive nature of men, women and sex which negatively taint the position of the men and women in the society. Above all, it has compelled men to spend their larger part of their valuable time in watching the pornographic images and moves, thereby, making them lose touch with the family and also to suffer from low self-esteem.

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