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My peers have drawn attention to the history of the business and the kind of diversification SPT has done. Given this, I'll get right into how diversification affects the organization's primary focus as a shipping company. I'll draw attention to the effects that the company's diversification into the construction industry has had on the general effectiveness of its shipping and logistics services.

SPT's intention to diversify did not significantly change the company's emphasis on shipping and logistics. Due to a variety of sources of income and reduced risks from dealing with specialist businesses, the firm's performance improved dramatically. Due to internal and external market concerns, diversification decreased its exposure to the financial risks that the majority of businesses face. The improvements allowed the company to integrate further measures that attracted a larger market share and clients with interests in any of the services offered. Diversified firms can attract markets from various sectors which they can further build on to achieve market goodwill.

The market growth and improved financial opportunities strengthened the firm’s ability in both shipping and logistics and construction sectors. Diversification also improved SPT’s productivity with enhanced services offerings that fostered an increase in the consumer base. Improved resource availability contributed to a higher performance capability as both functions of labor and capital. These initiatives improved resource and production efficiency due to enhancements in operations and a highly motivated workforce. The enhanced company position played a key role in the realization of the business’s goals and objectives. Further, it allowed SPT the opportunity to strategize with the formulation of strategic goals and objectives that would fortify its position in the shipping and construction industries.

February 01, 2023

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