Prisons racism and discrimination

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The suggested book is relevant to this issue because it illustrates the long path to independence as well as the unjust racial limits. The book exposes the most dangerous part of ancient machinations that fail to die. The source also reveals the origins of the struggles to respect the interests of all people, regardless of race. It further highlights the ease at which persons of color are labeled and discriminated against in public, as well as in jails. According to this book, a black criminal has scarce rights in every corner of the prison and society.

Easton, Susan. Sentencing and Punishment. Oxford University Press, 2016. Print.

This book is essential to the given research, because it documents the events that took place between 1990 and 2000 that highlight the level of discrimination in prisons. The treatment that prisoners got was racial instigated according to this book, and that is important to investigate for this study. As the author points out, prisons were guilty of heard privileges owed to the prisoners in a discriminatory way. The timelines for the events in this book are critical in underlining the fact that the racial factor has been dominant for a long time.

Murakawa, Naomi. The First Civil Right: How Liberals Built Prison America. 2014. Print.

This book is significant to the research, because it maps out a trend that shows the aspect of discrimination in different states. The statutes on minimum punishment of crimes in prisons are applied with prejudices, and that aspect underscores the importance of this topic. The content covered in this book also highlights the fact that this matter of discrimination has been there for ages and is inherited by generations. Riots in the prisons are associated with discrimination and segregation, and that is also covered in this book.

Stevenson, Bryan. Just Mercy: A Story of Justice and Redemption. 2014. Print.

This source discusses the unfair sentencing of prisoners based on race and that deprives them of rights like other prisoners. From the documentation in the book, trend in relations to the prisoners headed for the death row is a show of discrimination. Besides that, those living in the prison have nothing to smile about, because the condemnation follows them all their lives. As the author of the book states, the hopes of the prisoners are in the hands of helpless people, who have to go to school and then return to challenge the system.

July 24, 2021

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