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Privilege by Gender

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When it comes to the workforce, what kind of rights do you think I'd have over you, and why? Ask for concrete explanations of this.
The fact that you are a woman is the first privilege when it comes to operating in any organisation. In the event that a difficult duty occurs that may be quite complicated and that you are the one who is expected to do it, the management may choose to give a man a job. There are a lot of privileges. I may quickly be promoted to higher positions.This is due to gender balancing or even favors from the seniors at the workplace. Lastly, compared to men, I can easily convince the manager to give me a break in case I am not in good moods.2.  When it comes to the workforce, what kind of privileges do you think YOU would have over ME, and why?  Ask for specific examples.

There are lots of privileges that I as a man will have as compared to you in case we work in the same organization. This is based on the assumption that men can do more than women can, and that men are more flexible compared to women. For instance, if I am promoted or not promoted, or if I will have bad moods, our co-workers will not assume that it is because of my sex. Also, in case there arises an urgent duty to be taken care of, maybe in the night or at a far distance, it will be easy for me to complete the task. As usual, extra duties attract extra allowances thus I will enjoy the subsidies provided.

3.  Tell me about a time when you felt judged because of your gender.  

There was one chilly evening when I was relaxing in my room listening to music when my mother approached me with the aim of sending me to the shop. I was reluctant because my elder sister was just free while I was following up my favorite program on the radio. I tried to plead her to send my sister but she did not do it. She could not understand that there was something important to me that I was going to miss in case I heeded to her request but she claimed that I was acting in that manner because I am a man. I felt terrible that I was judged by my mother because of my gender even though my reason was genuine and not about gender differences.

4.  Overall opinion of everything shared. 

According to the way my interviewee responds to the questions, I can conclude that a woman has more privilege than a man at workplace due to the gender difference. It is easy for a woman to get favors in the workplace compared to a man. This is due to nature, and nothing can happen to reverse this reality. Also, men can be judged wrongly based on their gender even if they try to justify themselves in different cases that might occur unknowingly under their custodian.

     5. Also, tell us a little about the person you interviewed.

I carried out the interview with my cousin who is aged 20. He is a university student in his second year, pursuing a nursing degree. He has been a close friend to me as we share most of our secrets and that is why I entrusted him with my questions, knowing that he will fully open up to me.

July 24, 2021
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