Pro-Social Behavior

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One of the recent psychological studies is on pro-social conduct. Pro-social behavior is defined as activities that help society or other people. Sharing and volunteering are actions that are part of the behavior. The extensive research on pro-social behavior is linked to the literature on violence. It is related to the problem of violent video games because it is said that those who play them become more aggressive than those who do not. The issue of video games is mostly used because the behavior is common in the United States and the impacts are affecting a large number of people due to the development of technology.

Pro-social films increases the pro-social behavior

It is true when one says that playing of the pro-social films increases the pro-social behavior (McCullough, 39). It has been done through research that involves people who play the neutral games while others play the pro-social games. The investigation involved watching of games where other people end up being hurt. At the end of the investigation, it was evident that the people who watched the pro-social games had feelings of empathy for the suffering than those who watched the normal games. The research was repeated for sometimes, and the results were the same meaning that playing of the pro-social games impacts the pro-social behavior. Some other evaluations have reported about the thoughts developed when the pr social videos are watched. Notably, it is clear that people who watch the violent games become aggressive with other issues in life especially those who do not differentiate reality and fiction. It is seen in research where the people who watch the violent games get deeper thoughts than those who watch the normal ones, and at the end, they end up becoming aggressive.


The relationship between pro-social behavior and the literature on aggression is also noted in the issues becoming controversial (McCullough and Tabak, 72). Notably, the literature on pro-social behavior is not controversial. However, in the recent times, since people have understood about the games, they are no longer affected by the games due to self-control. Instead, people are now taking watching of the games are a useful example through catharsis idea. The investigation has on the other hand shown that the pro-social games lead to positive impacts on the people. As a result, the games have been considered as helpful to the society and therefore being pro-social.


Since the research have been conducted by many scholars who have considered different aspects, some agree that indeed aggression is more pronounced in the cases where people watch the violent games while for others, it is seen that they believe that people have learned about the games and therefore no longer have impacts on them. It is also necessary for noting that the research done on the violent video games is more p1ronounced than the investigation done on the pro-social games. The findings of the pro-social behavior are therefore related to the literature on aggression since aggression is well connected to one of the pro-social behaviors that are watching the violent video games. Though some of the scholars claim that there is no relation to the games with violence, most of the investigators agree that watching the violent games is affecting.

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April 26, 2023
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