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Procrastination is an unintended and recurring activity that most individuals find themselves entrapped in. The act itself is frequently practiced for any necessary ends other than just person prioritizing their activities irregularly. However, in most instances, a great amount of humans who like postponing their plans usually end up doing pointless activities in their places. The habit affects an individual’s overall performance at many levels and distracts their focus from other urgent issues. Students are especially most affected by procrastination and it often leads to negative grades, laziness, and mischiefs such as cheating at exams which are harmful to the development of a particular student. Despite the numerous hindrances that it brings about, this paper presents an insightful account on how avoiding the habit might be of benefit, especially for students. One fundamental benefit of avoiding procrastination for students is that it elevates the performance of the student at all levels. Studying requires an organized and well-planned strategy so as to fully comprehend and appreciate its importance. Avoiding procrastination offers students the opportunity to focus more on the main objectives of their purpose which is studying and focus on school work. Furthermore, it allows students to be more efficient with their time hence becoming even more productive. The paper also digs deep on the importance of avoiding the practice and how studying can be more effective when a student opts to focus more on activities that complement their learning practices.

August 09, 2021


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