Program for Wellness Behavior Improvement

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The focus of this wellness behavioral modification initiative is on mental health. The strain of mental health has emerged as one of the serious illnesses in the United States and has a high prevalence rate as well (Michie 90). Mental disabilities were also listed as a prevalent cause of impairment. Recent figures suggest that 1 in 5 people in the United States undergo mental illness in a given year. Patients of mental disorders account for around 18.5 per cent or 43.8 million in a given year (Charara 293). Conversely, 4.2% or 10 million people in a given year have a substantial psychiatric disorder that seriously interferes with one's major life activities.Target behavior, target population and structure and component of program

The target behavior for this program is changing of one’s lifestyle such as going out more, exercising, and socializing with people. For the program, a person is expected to go out every day. Relaxing at home every day builds pressure for a person and increases the chance of stress or depression. A person will be needed to take a 30 minute walk in the morning and a 1 hour walk in the evening. Exercise will be carried out thrice per week. The first exercise will be on Tuesday at 8 in the evening. The second training is on Thursday at the same time while the last training will be on Saturdays from 11 in the morning to 1 in the afternoon. The person will be required to carry out small talks during the day to familiarize oneself with new people. The target population will be required to have a healthy uniform sleeping pattern. The target population for this program is for all people from the age of 10 to 60 years. People older than 60 years will be required to train less times per week and walk a small distance or for a short time due to their advanced age.

Incorporation of behavior change theory and delivery channel

Behavior change theory such as self-efficacy will be incorporated into the program where an individual has the power to choose the best way one can train. This will reflect such a person’s ability to perform a certain demanding task thereby improving such an individual’s physiological sate. By incorporating a walking activity in the program, there is a chance that an individual may find company thereby building social learning. Walking everyday will help alienate bad thoughts or idleness thereby improving an individual’s social cognitive skills (Prochaska 80). The best delivery channel for this program is by holding a meeting emphasizing health especially mental health. The first strategic place is schools. The second place that meetings can be held to sensitize people about this program is in health care facilities. The last place is at strategically build tents in the communities where people can access the information about this new program and when it will start.

Resources, barriers and Effectiveness of the program

The resources needed for the program is a gym where people can train thrice per week. Trainers will also be needed to facilitate the training. The trainers will be needed to have a background in psychology. Posters and flyers will be needed to advertise the program to different individuals in schools, healthcare facilities and in around the town. One of the barriers that the program may face is a low turn up. People do not want to be identified as having mental issues because they fear they may be bullied (Riekert, Judith and Lori 102). The program will however be effective due to the current sensitization of mental health. The success of the program will be defined by how many people attend the first program. Few people may be a big issue, but if a good number of individuals turn up, the program will be a success.

Similar program

The program by Mental Health America uses similar delivery channels. Their main channel is Mental Health Month which is in May. This month is used to educate the people about mental health. The agency also uses people in the society to connect with each other. For instance, they have Clifford Beers Society which has been designed to connect leaders within the national mental health advocacy (mentalhealthamerica). Additionally, the agency uses schools to teach the students about mental health. They provide webpages that have information regarding mental health. The agency uses similar delivery channels as this program but it reaches to a wider population and has been in existence for a longer period.

Strengths and Weaknesses of proposed program

The strength of this program is its delivery channels which are designed to reach to a large population. A large number of people will make people suffering from various mental disorders to feel at ease knowing that they are not the only one suffering. The weakness of the program is lacking a proper ground that will be used to train the people that will attend. Finding a good training facility will be a challenge.

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