Project plan on how to improve career counselor office

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The following project plan on career counselor office enhancement intends to cut down on the time career counselors of the United States Marine Corps squander trying to connect to the main server, as well as to make sure that the most Marine Corps members are counseled. The plan is made up of a project charter that lists the project's goals, methods, dates, and budget. The Scope Statement that follows outlines the project's precise scope. A Work Breakdown Structure is also present, which includes a thorough explanation of how the project will be carried out from start to finish. Then comes the Request for Proposal, which outlines the initial project commencement process.

Career Counsellor Office Improvement

Project Period

This project is expected to commence on 01/08/2018 and end on 04/01/2018.

Budget information

The department received a total of $50,000 towards this project and the funds are available during FY18 fiscal year budget. The department has received a quote of $10,000 from the dealer, for a new server, and another of $8000 for new laptops. The amount includes charges for transportation and insurance during the shipping process. Besides, we have a $30,000 budget for setting up a website and preliminary training on website maintenance and updates.

Project Manager

Jason Floyd, (252)626-3966, [email protected]

Project Objective

Our major focus is to obtain the new laptops at the end of the project, with the most updated software running on a new, faster more stable server. Additionally, all the existing data should have been transferred from the old server to the new one, while maintaining all its current functionality. Eventually, we will need less time for rebooting and the problem of redundant data entry that is lost during back up should be eliminated.

Main criteria for project success

Through the ultimate reduction of time wasted while trying to connect to the server by career counselors, and ensuring that the rate of Marine counseling is optimum.


Below are the steps that describe our approach:

Updating the career counselor, to inform the Marine when the services are unavailable.

Coordination with the IT department, for retention of the location of the new server, where the old one was initially.

Ensuring network security, hence prevent the loss of PII.

Monitor the period and the least restrictive time used to transfer data to the new server.

Programming for the software needed for the new laptops.

Coordination of travel with units to test performance capacity of the new updates.

Roles and Responsibilities





Contact Information

Project Champion

Gerald Volpp

Career Counselor Department Head

[email protected]

Project Manager

Jason Floyd

Project Manager

[email protected]

Project Team Member

David Osbert

Career Counselor

[email protected]

Project Team Member

Gorge Nunez

Career Counselor

[email protected]

IT Support

Kevin Banks

G6 Supervisor

[email protected]

Sign Off

The above stakeholders can sign their names in the above table.


Handwritten or typed comments from the above stakeholders should be accepted where applicable.

“I am concerned about the process of data backup from the existing server. We have experienced several occasions where data has been lost mysteriously and therefore had to be re-entered.” David.

Scope Statement

Date prepared


Product Characteristics and Requirement

The project is expected to produce an increased capability of Marines to get information, hence improvement in the overall competitiveness for promotions. The enhancements will cover a career counselor website and technology advancement. Below are the details of each improvement:

Career Counsellor Website

The career counselor department can serve approximately 1500 Marines monthly. The website creation and utilization of social media to provide promotion and career information raise the number to 184,000Marines. The website will consist of tools and POC that will help Marines on promotion potential and enhancements.

Technology Improvement

The replacement of current laptops and servers will minimize the time wasted owing to the challenges in connecting to the network server, besides maximizing the number of Marines being counseled daily.

Product User Acceptance Criteria

This project, which mainly aims at website and improvement will be considered successful, if this is achieved within two months, and if the Marines are able to get the data when they cannot have their official records reviewed by a career counselor physically.


Project Management-Related Deliverables

These are:

Project charter

Project management plan

Scope statement

Work Breakdown Structure, among others.

Product-Related Deliverables

1.1 Creation of a website for Career Counsellor Resources.

1.2 Training will be facilitated by the creation and updating of HQMC Manpower and Reserve Affairs Website.

1.3 Request the administrator for the right to create a link on the intranet website

1.4 Compilation of information on what the average Marine statistics from the last three years of their promotion criteria, so that they can compare what competitive profiles are.

1.5 Consolidating a centralized location for all promotion related publications.

Technology Enhancement

2.1 Submission of request to higher headquarters for approval of the new laptops.

2.2 Research on the impact of the website on network security for WI-FI enabled laptops.

2.3 Replacement of servers that require multiple reboots and the redundant entry of data that is lost during backups.

2.4 Establishment of social media accounts as an avenue for providing resources to Marines.

Work Breakdown Structure

Prepared by:

Date prepared


Create website for Career Counsellor Resources

1.1 Training on HQMC Manpower and Reserve Affairs Website

1.2 Request administrator right

1.3 Compile data from last three-year promotion boards

1.3.1 Promotion Board Debrief

1.3.2 Comparative Assessment

1.4 Compile promotion related publications

Technology Enhancement

2.1 Request funding

2.2 Wi-Fi enabled laptops

2.2.1 Network Security

2.2.2 Program required software

2.3 Replace servers

2.4 Social Media accounts

Resources Available

Develop Quarterly Newsletter

3.1.1 Promotion

3.1.2 Retention

Combat Camera

3.2.1 Promotion Brief

3.2.2 Career Brief

3.3 Promotion References

3.3.1 PES Order

3.3.2 Enlisted Promotions Boards

3.3.3 Remedial Promotion Boards

3.3.4 Performance Evaluation Review Board

3.4 Profession Military Education

3.4.1 Non-Resident PME

3.4.2 Resident PME

3.4.3 SEJPME

3.4.4 Advanced MOS Training

3.5 MOS Road Maps

3.6 Retention

3.6.1 STAP

3.6.2 FTAP

3.7 Special Duty Assignment

3.8 HQMC Phone Roster

3.8.1 Monitors

Request for Proposal

Date Prepared


RFP Title

Establishment of a Career Counsellor Website

Purpose of the RFP

The career counselor department supports Marines in reviewing official records and performance, so as to make recommendations on how to improve individual competitiveness for promotion purposes. Following the high number of Marines, the deployment and training process makes it hard for an individual Marine to access a career counselor. Thus, this RFP aims at designing a website that the office will use to put out important information that any Marine would be able to access, hence assisting in career improvement.

Background information

The United States Marine Corps has 184,000 Marines stationed and deployed worldwide, and there are only four career counselors to provide promotion and career progression recommendations. Our aim is to increase the availability of information available for Marines to access without having to speak to a counselor. Additionally, we would like to ensure that the new website is intriguing, allows us to create pages and add to it easily. Our goal is to ensure that after designing the website, the Marines will have a common site where they can access promotion information and references anytime and at any location.

Basic Requirements

Professional Quality

Website should work on mobile devices

Social media integration

Ease of navigation

HQMC search engine

RFP Process

Vendors will send written the proposal to HQMC, MMRP-50 by 11/10/2017. Successful vendors who meet our requirements will be contacted via phone or email, to be notified of their selection and to move forward in the RFP process.

Statement of Work and Schedule Information

February 01, 2023

Education Life


Learning Goals Work

Subject area:

Project Career Goals Career

Number of pages


Number of words




Writer #



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