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Putting focus on people

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The motivation of workers is a prodigious way to sustain a healthy relationship in a company, since it places more emphasis on individuals, as has been pointed out by Delmar et al (438). When Mittelstaedt claims that people want to be part of something greater than themselves, he points out that most people enjoy it when they are engaged in business processes. When Fruit Guys workers are motivated and deemed high priority, they work hard to balance this incentive with their everyday outputs. Another implication is that workers are respected in terms of feedback, contributing to supervised and compensated job efficiency. In addition, he treats the capabilities of all the employees with fairness and objectivity.

As mentioned earlier, the concept of motivation to employees is very crucial to the success of a business (Delmar et. al. 439). By delivering fresh fruits week after week to its employees, Mittelstaedt motivates his employees in a way that he was not motivated in his earlier job. Through this type of non-monetary reward, the employees get healthy snacks at work which promotes the value he gives to his workers at the same time empowering them.

I would suggest techniques such as giving the employees a chance to be good at their daily activities as well as overcoming the challenges they face by finding creative solutions. In addition, he could make them feel that they are contributing to a bigger purpose than just being productive employees through job enrichment. He would also emphasize on listening to the comments and grievances of the employees as well as their ideas on how to improve the organization through bilateral top-down as well as bottom-up organization communication. As Delmar et. al. (452) points out, it is easier to keep the employees for a long time if they get motivated on a daily basis.

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Delmar, Frederic, and Johan Wiklund. "The effect of small business managers’ growth motivation on firm growth: A longitudinal study." Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice 32.3 (2008): 437-457.

July 24, 2021
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