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Modeling and Practice

Modeling and practice are the two most important aspects to remember while using educational scaffolding. Modeling will need students to observe the instructor and see how things are handled in practice. Having students focus on assigned assignments, either in groups or individually, will be practice.

Three Alternatives to Instructional Scaffolding

This module introduces three alternatives to instructional scaffolding: Content Scaffolding, Material Scaffolding, and Task Scaffolding. Material scaffolding is the process by which an instructor selects content that is not impossible for students to learn in order to keep students engaged during the class. Material Scaffolding involves the use of written cues or prompts aimed at helping the students to perform given tasks. Task Scaffolding involves the teacher's specification of the various steps required for the accomplishment of tasks and allowing the students to practice such steps.

Q 3.

Students understand what they are expected to do.

Students Learn from Mistakes

Students learn their mistakes and fix them, as well as avoid repeating similar mistakes.

Q 4. Task Scaffolding Approach

I would choose Task Scaffolding approach. That is because it would help me show the student the individual steps involved in handling a given a task. In using Task Scaffolding approach, I would first ensure that I have a good lesson plan for the student with a learning disability. I would then engage the student in a step-by-step process of explaining the task, using both verbal communication and cues. Next, I would let the student practice by writing down each step the way I do. Lastly, I would allow the student to go through the task by himself or herself.

November 09, 2022

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