Questions to Ask in an Interview for Language Development

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I had the opportunity to interview Chris Michael, who used to teach and train children as young as five years old at the Lord of Mercy preschool. I concluded questions that are most important during an interview during the two and a half hours that we did exchange terms.
How do you build a spacious classroom atmosphere that facilitates successful language learning?
The classroom atmosphere for language development is characterized by equal opportunities to engage in class work. Furthermore, integrating all forms of communication in a positive way helps to build a balanced learning atmosphere (Owens, 2016). Teaching aid such as labeled mats, toy, and wall drawings will help children to have a good connection between the spoken language and the real words.

Which are the teaching methodologies that you find being more efficient and having the ability to promote language development?

Regarding helping the children in learning language, one can use situations connects the students to opportunities and open an arena to do practice. Methods such as storytelling, songs, and rhymes are among the many strategies that are productive in language development. As a teacher, one should be well equipped with a different method (Owens, 2016). The teacher then selects the best approaches that fit a particular group.

How will you know and correct a student's error and how will you prevent it?

Chris believes on a principle that a continuous use of particular language reduces the chances of making errors. At this time, the teacher creates awareness to the child concerning persisting errors. As the teacher masters the child's rate of progression in language development, he becomes well versed and ready to make the appropriate corrections.

How will you cope up with a student experiencing a delay in language development?

In a case where there is language development delay, there will be worries in different cases other than the school-based cases. As a teacher, I will expose the student and show him/her the importance of interacting with another student (Owens, 2016). In addition, I will allow the student to use language at his comfortable rate whether correct or broken with a constant monitoring for any change. The signs for the delay in language development might include a deficit in the use of vocabularies, use of gesture among others.

What is your best advice to teachers to boost language development?

It is quite important for every teacher to recognize that it is his sole responsibility to help the students in language development. As a teacher, one should be a good listener, talking to the students as well as creating more opportunities for them to have a real conversation. The teacher carries the responsibility on focusing on language development and therefore helps the students to grow in a well-versed language.

Ways of meeting children needs in development stage


Playing is part of the fun for all children and offers an opportunity to observe, experiment, and learn from their mistake (Chomsky, 2014). The children will require teacher's support during this exercise.


Each student has an own personality and can respond to experience challenges (Chomsky, 2014). By understanding student's personality, one can offer great care and discipline that fits the student's needs.

Talking to children

Even though the children may fail to understand the words, they will be in a position to understand the attention as well as the feelings that result during non-verbal communication.


Chomsky, C. (2014). Stages in language development and reading exposure. Harvard Educational Review, 42(1), 1-33.

Owens Jr, R. E. (2016). Language Development: An Introduction| Edition: 9. Instructor.

August 09, 2021

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