Ramifications of Abortion

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Abortion has certain financial consequences that concern the whole economy. The article would go through some of the financial ramifications of legal abortion. The mortality rate is one of the serious health complications linked with illicit abortion in women. The rising problems produce a large number of costs, and their budget is obviously stretched. Furthermore, the women need extra medical attention after the incident, which depletes funds that the women may have saved for potential use. In addition, the women also cause a financial strain to their families if they do not have sufficient funds to take care of the treatment that later arises from an illegal abortion. Therefore, the families may lack the finances to take care of their basic needs due to financial constraints.

Illegal abortions lead to the birth of a few babies. Fewer babies mean that there will be fewer baby products that will be produced in the market. The reduced productivity in the firms that deal with baby products and thus few job opportunities will be availed to the public. Hence, people will suffer losses of money. Additionally, when few babies have been born, the economy of a country is likely to be affected because these are the future employees and investors in a given economy (Grimes 719). Therefore, when illegal abortion is used, it reduces the flow of money in an economy, which not only affects the individual but the entire community.

After women have undergone an illegal abortion, it is likely that they will lose a lot of blood in the process. It, therefore, becomes important that the women are subjected to a special diet, such that they will be able to recover all the nutrients and blood that they have lost. The special diet comes at an additional expense to the family of the woman, and this can result in a financial constraint (Donohue, John, and Levit 402). Else, if the family can afford the expenses, then funds that could be used to cater for other needs of the family off for investment purpose are channeled into the course of an illegal abortion. Other expenses that are likely to be incurred is the cost of buying the sanitary towels that the woman will require during the period which she will be bleeding. Also, the woman may develop complications that will require more financial aid to reverse when the woman will find the need to sire children.

Furthermore, currently, the society is faced with high rates of unemployment, Medicare, and social security. The challenges can be attributed to the government lacking enough financial support to cater for the services. Research shows that there is currently a high number of elderly people that no longer do not contribute a lot in the payment of taxes, but on the other hand, there is a lesser number of young people who ought to be paying taxes (Grimes 716). The decreased number of the youths has been attributed to illegal abortion. Therefore, it is important that the society and especially, women are sensitized on the impact of illegal abortion to the economy. The adults have been given the responsibility of siring children in the society, that will later take care of them when they grow old. When women carry out illegal abortions, they should understand that there is a shortcoming in their future financial needs.

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October 19, 2022
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