Rattlers Movie Review

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RATTLERS is a low-budget nature-horror B-movie based on a graphic novel about a victim's rights advocate named Stephen Thorn. It's the kind of movie you can watch to laugh or groan if you want to. However, RATTLERS is also a pretty bad movie.

Rattlers is a low-budget horror man-vs-nature B-movie

Rattlers is a low-budgot horror man-v-nature B-movie about snakes. The gore factor is tame, but the film is filled with creepy snake attack scenes and nonsensical character behavior. This low-budget creature feature also has the usual plot elements.

It's a graphic novel about victim's rights advocate Stephen Thorn

The Rattler is a graphic novel about a victim's rights advocate, Stephen Thorn. The story is told through flashbacks. The protagonist has lost the love of his life and is now searching for her. However, ten years have passed, and he still cannot find her. He begins to hear voices, and he is pursued by his own organization. To save his fiancee, he must solve a murder mystery.

It's a snake movie

"It's a Snake, It's a Snake" is a classic horror movie that features the creature feared by many of us. A giant anaconda, half piranha, is a deadly killer. The film is a part of the Roger Corman's Sharktopus cinematic universe and stars Michael Madsen as the titular creature. The film starts off with a helicopter being attacked by a giant snake.

It's a comedy

The Rattlers is a 1976 American horror film. It is directed by John McCauley and stars Sam Chew, Darwin Joston, Ron Gold, Gary Van Ormand, and Tony Ballen. The film was produced by McCauley and features an early Miles Goodman score.

It's a horror movie

The rattler is a horror movie that is set in a desert, where two boys are killed by a rattlesnake. The death of the boys triggers a call to college herpetologist Dr. Tom Parkinson. He's assigned to a case involving a string of reports about savage snake deaths, but the path of death seems to lead to a secret army base. Stopping the swarm of killer snakes may be impossible. This 1976 horror B-movie, directed by John McCauley, is a man-vs-nature horror film. The film received mixed reviews and was included on the Cinematic Titanic.

It's a drive-in movie

The drive-in movie theater was a staple of the 1950s, but it's gone from the city's streets to the back lot of a suburban shopping center. As a result, the drive-in has suffered a decline in patronage. The movie theater had an immoral reputation. In the 1950s, it was considered a "passion pit" by the press. This was reinforced in the 1978 movie Grease, where the drive-in becomes the preferred spot for trysts.

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