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Real Women Unnerving Ads

Religion can historically be traced from its roots in the mid-years, including Islam, Christianity, Judaism and many more. However, the largest and most common religions in the world are Christianity and Islam. This paper evaluates the differences between Christianity and Islam (Miner & Maureen 79).
The link between the two religions is that they both believe in a supreme divine who has a power over everything else and creates both earth and sky. For this matter, Daum recognizes real models who do not aim to hide the flaws of women but show the reasons why we should accept them in our eyes the way they are.

One of the terms used by Daum is "real women, " and in this particular phrase, she not only intends to refer to females as women but also as models in their unique manner. Moreover, models assume the same roles as other humans and should give the impression of a regular woman. However, the opposing parties believe that there are different types of women. Therefore, using the word "real" favors one category while sending a negative impression for the other group of women. Daum claims that “for too long, beauty has been defined by narrow, stiffing stereotypes.” Important to note is that the use of real should not reveal that one category of women occupies a higher hierarchy than others. Thus, we ought to change that perception.

September 21, 2021

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