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I choose Medea, a film set in ancient Greece about 2500 years ago. Medea is the play's heroine, a woman who wishes to avenge her husband's death by murdering her two sons. He claims that the only way she can injure the man is to murder their two sons, whom they bore during their union. Some ancient Greeks claim that the woman-Medea does not represent the essence of Greek women since they are altruists who love children and are a sign of family unity. When an old drama is remade with a new twist, it can appear dull and unsatisfactory. Often there are parts which become improbable or grate, and the audience feels that the director is trying to force things to work out. However, Medea provides a different story. It perfectly fits the current setting as well as it did in the traditional context. Let us look at how it conveys its themes. Medea eloped from her parent’s house to marry Jason, the hero. She is the granddaughter of Helios, the god of the sun in Greek mythology. The play was recreated by Euripides giving her the qualities prominent today as the woman who slaughtered her biological children to revenge for betrayal by her husband.
The initial account of the work had Medea and Jason’s sons murdered by a mob of Corinthians not contented with the behavior of Medea. It was common in ancient Greek drama to give some characters horrible roles, particularly in people’s socializations to emphasize some poor human qualities, especially in family settings. The playwright makes Medea break one of the central taboo- the connection between children and the mother, and the presumption of absolute substantial affection .
The first audience was shocked because of the dreadful, unfamiliar, and shocking nature of the main character. The Greek woman- Medea who murders her children for retribution. The movie was not well received in its first presentation on stage in 431 BC . It was ranked distant last. The primary reason for such poor ranking was the horrible nature of the heroine. Irrespective of that, the play rapidly grew into a classic, and Medea’s infanticide deposed all earlier versions of the genre.
The thought of mothers deliberately killing their kids has massive horror. Nevertheless, it is a dejected fact that it is something which happens frequently, and we watch it as hit news of women accused of committing the same crime.
Certainly, this movie advances the current themes on maternal filicide. Medea has been abandoned by the father of her children in a foreign country where she has no relatives nor friends. Stress, low social and economic status and isolation have been stated as important factors in motherly infanticide both in primates and human beings. The desire to punish her husband, the primary classification used by investigators in researching the genesis of such delinquencies. Current research reveals that female caregivers are even more susceptible to killing male children in their quest to revenge for betrayal from their husbands. The Indie film company needs to know that Medea is an ancient movie which perfectly advances popular themes in the current setting. It is worth noting to Indie that Medea’s victims are both his young male kids.
Further, It should be noted that Medea’s actions receive congruent response from other actors in the play and they are psychologically accurate. Studies carried out from 2006 examining a sample of more than two hundred and fifty news bulletins on maternal infanticide in the United States have shown that such cases have been covered and reported on such number of occasions . These revelations further reinforce the needed for the Indie film enterprise to reinvent Media movie and cover such common themes touching on the society every dawn. The nature of the situation she finds herself in, Medea’s case portrays women as naïve and easily led into insanity because of too much care they offer or simply as heartless. As the play begins, Medea yells extraordinarily out of the stage. Concurrently her nurse exposes her as lacking capacity to manage her emotions because of profound sorrow . This is another compelling point which needs to push Indie to capture and produce a remix of the play because of the irresistible relevance in the community we live. People lose emotions and strength for self-control and do unfathomable things which they realize after the damage has been done.
After the murder has been committed, her husband, Jason argues that no Greek woman can commit such atrocious act. His argument is invalid because such events had happened numerous times in ancient Greece and all over the world. It is not something new, but an event which regularly takes place. The argument of Jason portrays that Medea is brutal and immoral, but even people considered very upright in society often do the same because of circumstances. The chorus in the play is in agreement with Jason’s views. Both describe her as a lioness, iron, and stone . The position of Jason implies that normal human beings never do such things. However, his position is contestable, because human beings are emotional beings; they can be overwhelmed by emotions. Also, modern correspondents classify women who kill their children as either “bad” or “mad” to find a ground for an argument.
In many parts of the play, Medea appears calm, composed and rational. Something which is truly shocking! Euripides, the script writer, expound widely the social pressure which dictates what Media does. She postulates that the episode is as a result of an unavoidable risk guiding the patriarchal marriage in the Greek context. Women rely on their husbands, are susceptible and easily led to nervousness. The refrain of Corinthian women acknowledges this argument and vows to assist Medea to realize her desire for revenge holding that any woman can find herself in similar condition . Indie Company should also take note of this position held by women. To the broader society, Media’s actions are completely unacceptable, but some people hold a different view. For some people, regardless of the nature of the evil committed by any member of the society, it is always prudent to find out the forces behind such occurrences. Like for women, Medea was compelled to kill by her negligent husband. Such theme needs a good coverage by Indie or any other film company which may need to reframe it and put it into the modern context.
In a monolog on the play, Medea is aware of what she is about to do. She is aware of the weight which comes with it. She knows that a lot of pain will follow after killing her children. Besides, she knows even if she decides not to kill them she can cope . For her, killing her two sons is not the last option after the departure of the husband. But rather she is just being driven by the anger to destroy her husband as she puts it in the drama. The theme of vengeance runs through the movie. Further, it is a theme which can be captured well in the modern day world and get the attention of a large audience.
In conclusion, this movie is commendable to Indie Film Company. It captures popular themes in the contemporary world, for instance, separation and divorce, the suffering of children after marriage breaks, the need and the forces behind revenge. Besides, it covers the views of the society concerning various evils which happen in the society. For a group of people, an event may appear horrendous, while for another, otherwise. What matters is the motivation behind an episode.

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