Recovery Process

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Mistakes and blunders are unavoidable, especially when services are performed in the presence of the consumer. A successful service recovery approach focuses on customer satisfaction and has a customer-focused attitude.

In the instance of restaurant servers, if a customer does not enjoy his food. The waitress should ask the consumer why that particular food does not appeal during the healing process. Following receipt of the feedback, the server should apologize to the client and provide a different dish. As a sort of apology from the corporation, the server should give the customer with sweets. In this case, the process of measuring customer satisfaction should involve asking the customer about his meal and experience when the client is leaving the restaurant.

For the call center with a customer disappointed by the number of dropped calls, she has been experiencing. The recovery process should first involve an apology to the customer. The call center can then inform the client why she has been experiencing dropped calls. After that call center should provide a percentage refund to the amount spent in making dropped calls. Customer satisfaction measurement process should involve requesting direct feedback from the client.

For an office manager: You didn’t order enough supplies, and your co-workers are upset they don’t have the materials they need to finish their job. In this case, the first step should be immediately ordering for the supplies needed. The co-workers should then be allowed to have a day off because they cannot continue with their work. However, as the office manager, you will have to ensure that all the workers are paid for the overtime due to delayed supplies. Measurement of customer satisfaction involves observing the workers when they are working after the supplies are delivered.

For a daycare owner: One of your employees told a child to “shut-up, ” and the parent found out about it and is very upset. The employee should be reprimanded and compelled to apologize to the parent. The child will also be taken to another employee for care. The employee will then be sent to childcare school for a refresher course. Customer satisfaction measurement should involve formal feedback from the parent and observe if the parent continues to bring the child to the daycare.

Lastly, for a contractor: You have been very busy and unable to complete a customer’s two-bathroom remodel on time. The customer is angry because she expects company and the bathrooms are not complete. The contractor should apologize to the client. After that, the contractor should offer to do some minor works to the bathrooms for free so that they can accommodate the expected visitors and provide a guarantee that the remodeling will be complete after the visitors have left. Customer satisfaction measurement process should involve direct feedback to the contractor.


Gibson, P. (2012). The world of customer service. Mason, Ohio: South Western Cengage Learning.

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