Recruitment System

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I would not consider applying for a position at the Northwest State College due to; first, the university has a rigid recruitment system. An organization should strengthen a recruitment system that can create an experience that helps candidates connect with it even earlier than they apply for a position. Second, the college has a recruitment policy that does no longer compensate its employees fairly in relation to what others in the same region are earning. Lastly, the college does not have a human resource administration department through which issues associated to the workforce can be handled. The institution has a tedious approval procedure ensuing from a rigid recruitment system in place. If the institution had a human aid department, the department could just set the requirements ought to be met by potential candidates for a specific position (Romero et al., 2015). It could then compose interview panel members and then invite the candidates. Once the panel is satisfied with qualification of a certain candidate, the candidate gets the job.

To rectify all this, I would design a recruitment system consisting of the following components; first, an organizational culture which is a collection of institution_x0092_s vision, beliefs that institution espouses, working norms, habits and values in the institution (Romero et al., 2015). It also sets institution standards, procedures, and policies of acceptable behaviors in the workplace. Secondly, planning for change- in an environment where changes are inevitable, proper planning helps stabilize the institution in times of storms. It also helps prepare labor-force when _x0093_what-if_x0094_ situations materialize. Thirdly, training and development which helps to keep workers_x0092_ expertise updated so as to bring latest and innovative concepts to the workstation for the betterment of the institution. Fourth, health and safety which seeks to ensure that workforce_x0092_s health and safety are prioritized. It will warn them of risky activities and educate what to do in case of an emergency (Romero et al., 2015). Lastly, recruitment and retention component which anchors the human resource systems and policies such as seeking qualified candidates, maintaining them engaged to the institution, training them as well as remuneration and incentives.


Romero, M., Romero, L., Cuadrado, M. L., & Corcuera, M. I. D. (2015). Optimum acceptability of recruitment systems: a new multi-criteria approach on human resources. International Journal of Business Innovation and Research, 9(6), 682-697.

October 12, 2022

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