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Refusal Letter of Vice President, Product Development, Jamba Inc.

To: Joe Wong,

Vice President, Product Development, Jamba Inc.,

450 Golden Gate Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94102.

With due recognize to you and the entire Jamba Juice Company, I want to recognize the trust and the privilege you have accorded me. This is evident from the peculiar chance you have given me and my company in establishing a cafeteria. The preference is timely and worth my attention. In addition to that, the cafeteria will make certain the employees in my company will be relived from carrying meals from their homes and consequently this saves time and will increase the morale of the workers. The offer you have given the company is one of type and thus it shows how much you treasure our friendship.  I would have gladly taken the offer if not for a number of legal procedures that must be engaged for the approval of such an offer in my company. Also, given the fact that am a junior officer in the company, makes me unable to solely make such a decision. Therefore, I want to apologize for declining to take such an awesome offer.

In this regard, I apologize for turning down the offer. A number of reasons warrant the decision that I have undertaken. These include absence of spacious building in the company to be used as a cafeteria. The cafeteria demands a specious place that should accommodate the employees, the equipment, and cafeteria officials. Therefore, the limitation of the room is a hindrance to the establishment. Also, the employees in my company since time memorial have been bringing food from home. The offer would have been a convenience to them, however, challenges would arise when we try to break this long serving tradition in the company. It’s also worth noting that, am a junior officer in this company, so initiating this talk to my senior (boss) will be a challenge. In most cases when junior officers come up with a different programme in the company without passing through the senior members of the company, the idea or programme suffers a blow. Therefore, this will sound lie insubordination and bound to punishment in my company. According to my company’s legal procedures, such an offer or an activity within the company has to be vetted by the board of management and an agreement arrived to on a majority vote. This is aimed at ensuring the right procedures are followed as laid by the company statues. This means that any compromise without following the laid rules is considered wrong however much it may benefit the company in one way or the other.

All in all, we can come up with an alternative plan that will enable us come up with a clear plan for your company objective to be achieved and avoid it from suffering opposition. This can be achieved by ensuring that, you consider rescheduling an official communication with the management of my company, hence official procedure be laid in order to ensure it’s done at the board of management level (Earle, 2016). Also, to enhance the marketability of the products, other strategies that would give more publicity than the offer would sound workable. This involves participating in community services like public cleanliness, tree planting programmes in the society, and supporting education in the society courtesy of Jamba Juice Company. In addition to that, launching of crusades and public competitions would play a vital role in boosting the marketability of the products (Offutt, 2016).


Earle, R. (Ed.). (2016). Epistolary Selves: Letters and Letter-Writers, 1600–1945. Routledge.

Offutt, J. (2016). How to write an effective “Response to Reviewers” letter. Software Testing, Verification and Reliability, 26(3), 174-175.

April 14, 2021


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