Regulations and laws

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Laws are enacted to impose order and defend all consumers and businesses; therefore, they do not always restrict or obstruct the activities of those in business; however, they protect us all and the world we live in. Laws can appear complicated at times, and legal proceedings are time-consuming at any stage, but it is easier to have half a loaf than none at all because there are greedy businessmen and firms out there who just think about their vast profits and less about the customers, but making these laws benefits them more (International, 2008). The laws and regulations on the other hand maintain a serene environment that is protected from toxic companies waste such as the Environmental protection Agency. The law practically maintains the environment by overdoing companies that emit toxic waste in the environment, following up on ways that waste is being disposed and fining them if they pollute the environment, some of the consumers depend on the rivers for water and if it is polluted then they will not have ways to survive. However, companies that are non-complaint and care only about their huge profits have laid enormous chunks of complaints about these regulations citing that they are costly and are a complete compromise of their profits. If companies were to do the right thing without being followed then it would be a good venture but otherwise others are too greedy (International Business Publications, USA, 2008). The regulations in place are only right since they are protecting both parties, companies should also be honest. In that way the laws will play out right since it will be a win-win situation for both the businesses and the consumers.

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September 21, 2021

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