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Rejection of Employment Letter

Dear Kenyon Patterson,

89741 Ocean drive

Corpus Christi, island 4567



Dear Kenyon,

Thank you for making out time to apply for the interview in the Williamson Company and scaling through the second interview phase.

We regret to let you know that we have hired another appropriate candidate. We express our appreciation for choosing our company. As we stated in our call to you last week it was a tough decision to consider another candidate for the position of the marketing trainee. We are attritional that we cannot offer you a job at this time. We studied your application and were impressed with your qualification , skill and experience and sincerely regret letting you go (Guffey and Loewy 25).

You were an exceptional candidate for the job opportunity and would wish that you work for our company, though that may not be an ideal situation now. Though you were not considered for the position that you had applied for, please note that were saved your curriculum vita and your educational credentials and could be used to consider your future interests in our organization (Pilch and Elżbieta 85). We will ensure that there is a thorough review of your future job applications.

Please note that the interviewing panel appreciated and enjoyed meeting you and based on our conversation with you, we feel that you have more to offer to the next prospective employer. On this note, we wish you all the best in your job search and hope that you will be considered by a reputable institution soon (Midtbøen 197). We are grateful for making up time to share your education and professional journey with us.


[Insert name and signature]

Human Resource manager and team leader for the selection team

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April 16, 2021


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