Religious and cultural diversities

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Religious and ethnic diversity remains the most diverse human associations of society today. Our cultures have a variety of variations in ethnicity and religious views. This way, as a student, one will face a variety of difficulties when growing up. Such problems arise from segregation and prejudiced treatment within the institutions. This paper provides a concise insight into my high school experience as well as future improvements that can be implemented to teach how to embrace differences of society that can guarantee fair justice for students of diverse religious backgrounds. My high school experience as a Muslim student in Oregon was characterized by discrimination and unfair treatment based on my ethnicity and religion. Oregon was a private Catholic school and was the closest to our residential areas. The institution had a strong culture grounded in the Catholic interpretation of the Biblical beliefs as well as preferential treatment of white Americans.

The framework of administration within the school is set in such a way that the entire student body, regardless of their religious background, ought to adhere to its established standards and regulations. Even though the school has an excellent academic performance, it does not respect student’s religious beliefs. Nonetheless, it has highly trained and experienced teachers who contribute to the excellence. Due the fact that I was a Muslim student alongside a few other Muslim students, it could be ethical to allow us embrace our cults of religion within the school. However, the institution curtailed our religion. Practically, it was necessary for everyone to attend Christian services regularly thus allowing no choice of any other form of religious denominations or groups. That was a major torture that we faced as Muslims while learning in the institution.

Several aspects of religious differences in the American society may prove pivotal in the wrangles between communities. This way, the institution must understand the dynamism in the contexts of religious consideration among the students. Islamic religion is a universal religion that not only includes the American community members, but also draws from the universal fronts. In similar social discrimination and religious imposture is a negative gesture in a learning institution. Thus, restricting students from worshiping, at will, may posit an offensive aspect of social injustice to the society. Critically, our experience, as Muslim students at the Oregon portrayed a community that does not value the dynamism of religious concepts. From the restrictions on the freedom and human rights of the students, it is evident that several loopholes still exist in the institutions considerations on the religious principles. In similar measures, there exist myriad implications of social injustices and racial discrimination in the American history. Therefore, such treatment as those we received at the institution may create religious gap among various religious cults in the American society. Muslims may begin to hate Christians. At the same time, young Christians in the school may tend to develop negative attitude towards the Muslims in the same contexts.

Notably, it is ethical to embrace the diversity of religion and other cults in a society since that is what constitutes morality and freedom of association. This way, with my negative experiences, it is apparent that the institution failed, considerably, in its mandate to foster the freedom of association and respect for individual religious beliefs envisaged in the American constitution. In its role as a leading educational institution, the school ought to foster students’ unity by serving as a role model in valuing and appreciating the rights of students from other ethnicities and religious background. In addition, I think the school should have exercise tolerance by putting in place appropriate measures that give the Muslim students a chance to associate and worship. At all times the institution should train its teaching and non-teaching staff to respect and treat equally the entire student body during their daily endeavors. By adopting such changes, the school could reduce and ultimately abolish all incidences of discrimination and unfair treatment based on religious affiliation against minority students.

Moreover, religious beliefs should be treaded the fundamentals of diversity within the institution's framework of practice in the academic arena. Thus, if the institution could consider respecting other religious beliefs beside the fundamental faith upon which it was established, there could a mutual respect among the students. The right to freedom of association and expressions is, perhaps, the most important component of the American constitution. It permits every individual with the right to exercise his or her religious and cultural beliefs without compromising the rights of others. This way, the institution should embrace such context as a guideline to developing and implementing the curriculum contents. Historically, the aspect as racial and social injustice has been a common menace in the American society hence avoidable.

Concisely, my experience may present a common course in the path to freedom of expression in many other institutions only if the school will consider implementing the possible recommendations herein. Many Muslims might be facing psychological tortures based on discriminative relationships with students of other religious groups. Thus, we need to embrace diversity as a major aspect in spiritual matters.

October 13, 2022

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