Remembering the Titans Film

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Remember the Titans (2000) became an outstanding high school football team - an example of the unification of white and colored people in the town of Alexandria, Virginia. Truly titanic work and the merit of coach Herman Boone, played by Denzel. At the beginning of the 70s, when the country took the first steps in the fight against segregation, the unification of schools, and the relocation of African American families to "white" neighborhoods, all the problems associated with this are reflected in the film.

The Plot of The Film

In addition to the excellent performance of each actor, this movie is based on real events, this is not fantasy, but a story about sports, about a coach, about a person. The plot of the film Remembering the Titans touches on one of the problems of humanity, the equality of races, while the picture also touches on other issues: tolerance, friendship, confrontation, conscience, and so on. There are plenty of turning points in the picture, and thanks to this, the film is interesting to watch (Bradshaw). Like almost every strong and effective sports drama, Remember the Titans balances well between sports and drama. While the events take place in the context of sport, societal issues brought up by the film can be applied to a number of other life situations.

"Remember the Titans" is not only a film about sports, this film is about ordinary people who must learn to accept new members of the team. After all, for many years they were taught that a dark-skinned person is something from the lower ranks. It is interesting to watch how the relationships in the team change, and how the enemies gradually become friends. At the same time, there is practically no violence in the picture, there is no blood, shooting, or cruelty (Yakin; Bradshaw). Of course, it was not without persecution and open expression of one's dissatisfaction, but it is difficult to imagine such a film without such scenes.

As for the atmosphere of the picture, it fully corresponds to the declared genre and idea, the musical accompaniment well emphasizes the mood of the film. The filming locations are also well chosen, it is worth mentioning the cast, it is simply perfect. Denzel Washington did an excellent job with the role and this is not the first picture where he plays so well: just remember the films The Book of Eli, Access Code Cape Town, Wrath, and so on. The movie Remember the Titans also starred Will Patton, Wood Harris, and Ryan Hurst, the cast is very good (Yakin; Bradshaw). An effective script paired with strong acting and technical performance, all made the film an instant classic of its time and one of the most iconic films of the early 2000s.

The soul and story of one small football team were really invested in this film, whose strength and will were stronger than prejudice. They had to understand that there is no “I” in the team, there is only “we”, and for this, they need to learn a lot and, unfortunately, life is the best teacher, albeit a cruel one. The film Remembering the Titans tells about such different guys with such different characters and worldviews, what works it takes to combine them together, and what results it will bring in the end. The film turned out to be very dramatic, a lot makes you think and empathize with the characters (Bradshaw). The film attempts to teach the audience a lesson about teamwork and how it can be applied to different life situations. This skill is extremely useful, however, can often be neglected, making Remembering the Titans a vital reminder about the importance of cooperation.


Every frame is thought out in the picture, and each replica brings us something spiritual, filling the heart with kindness, it was not easy for all the participants in the events to come together: step by step, overcoming difficulties, breaking the worldview, rebuilding themselves, setting an example for others - both sides moved forward. From beginning to end, the film holds your attention, not a drop of boredom, disappointment, or vulgarity. A great idea, a great cast, a thoughtful script, all of this makes the film "Remember the Titans" an unforgettable picture that, based on a true story, showed how important it is to remain human in any situation.

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