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The research investigates the present roles of telemedicine and other virtual modalities in promoting interprofessional collaboration and enhancing patient care. The subject then shifts to how current and emerging technology aid in the development of teamwork and cooperation in the nursing business, ultimately leading to better patient care. Furthermore, the research examines the benefits and limitations of technologies in enhancing solidarity and improving patient care in healthcare. There are also ethical and legal considerations for practitioners using social media in healthcare with teenagers and privacy policies. The role of Telemedicine and other Virtual Modalities 4

The Use of Technologies in Building Teamwork and Collaboration 5

The Benefits and Limitations of the Telemedicine and other Virtual Modalities 5

The Legal and Ethical Implications of Using Social Media in Healthcare 6

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The primary purpose of the report is the assessment of how the use of technology brings collaboration in the nursing industry, develops patient wellbeing, and excellent outcomes. Through the examination of the newly circulated scholarly journal articles on the internet locations on the role of Telemedicine and other technologies in the nursing sector, the report also describes how the nurses can use the emerging technologies in building teamwork so as to aid in the patient safety. The report further explains the remunerations and precincts of the types of virtual modalities in sustaining the interprofessional collaboration. Furthermore, the report also clarifies the legal and the ethical implications of using social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter in the nursing professional shared efforts.

The Role of Telemedicine and other Virtual Modalities

The Telemedicine, the electronic ICU, and other fundamental patterns play a significant role when it comes to the interprofessional collaboration promotion, and in the improvement of the safety of the patients. The advancement in the communications and the monitoring technologies always assists in the exchange of the sick’s information between the two or more places. The application of such techniques in practically all the medical forte always educate, supervise, provide self-administration support for the sick, and even offer clinical resolution support to the clinicians for the analysis and ongoing care (Agboola & Kvedar, 2016).

The telemedicine and the other virtual modalities encourage stability of care and promote the sick’s self-supervision and the overall clinical results. A good example is the 2003-2013 fifteen systematic reviews that demonstrate that telemonitoring decreased the all-cause transience by 15%-40%. The telemedicine also aids in the identification and prevention of the treatment-related blunders between the hospital appointments. Additionally, the telemedicine inspection applications can also identify the avoidable treatment-related unfavorable episodes that may or else go without detection by the healthcare providers.

The Use of Technologies in Building Teamwork and Collaboration

The current and emerging technologies has aided in the building of teamwork and cooperation in the nursing industry thereby improving the patient safety in many ways. First and foremost, the emergence of technologies has led to the shared governance model in the nursing sector which offers the clinical nurses the voice in the determination of the nursing principles, practice, and even the value of care. Through that, the nurses get the empowerment of using their medical comprehension and expertise in developing, directing, and even sustaining their professional practice (Cipriano & Hamer, 2013).

The current and emerging technologies has led to the visibility of leadership in the nursing industry in that, the charisma of the effusive affianced nursing leaders with the mutual apparition supports the magnet replica constituent of the structural empowerment. Usually, the professional practice thrives pretty well in the prominent leadership, thereby leading to the creation of an environment which encourages, adopts, and even sustains novelty (Cipriano & Hamer, 2013).

The Benefits and Limitations of the Telemedicine and other Virtual Modalities

The use of telemedicine and other virtual patterns in the building of solidarity and improving the care of the sick have numerous benefits. The first advantage is the offering of the straightforward, on-demand care to the patients without the usual wastage of instance especially for those staying in the remote locations or those who don’t have off time from the job. They can always access care and even connect to the healthcare providers virtually through the smartphone apps and video conferencing among others. Furthermore, there is the reduction in the healthcare service charge through the use of electronic data storage. In fact, the telemedicine has led to the decrease of the unnecessary non-critical ER visits thereby eliminating the traveling expenses for the regular checkups. They have also resulted in the improved health as there is the increment in the patient engagement due to the small cost involved (Berman & Fenaughty, 2005).

Even though telemedicine and the other virtual modalities have many advantages, they also have their limitations. The first drawback in their usage is that the purchase of the equipment and the recruitment of the IT staff is expensive and also takes time. The reduced broadband links can result in the mismanagement of the patient, apart from the reduction in the in-person consultations.

The Legal and Ethical Implications of Using Social Media in Healthcare

The use of social media in interprofessional joint efforts has both the legal and moral repercussions. The recruitment of the participants for the research online can even include the under-aged youth who are below 18 years and doing so without their parents’ consent. When trying to reach the majority of the young people through social media, be it for health education or examination, the confidentiality and privacy regulations also applies. Most of the people usually get their health information disclosed thereby drawing the privacy concerns (NCBI, 2015).


The report recognizes the roles that the telemedicine and other virtual modalities play in the healthcare in building teamwork and collaboration, apart from their benefits and limitations. The majority of hospitals are getting the funding for the incorporation of the modern technology in so as to improve the patient care and build teamwork. The healthcare providers should not disclose the private information of the individuals online and even use the adolescents for the research without their parents’ consent to avoid tampering with the legal and ethical policies.


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May 10, 2023
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