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The wolf bogey is a common character that has appeared in fairy tales, fables, and even other aspects of Western literature, as the animal is concerned with deception in order to get what it desires. I directly experienced the animal in my childhood through various types of oral, literary, and even visual interaction. Prior to conducting this study, I was aware that the wolf was a deceitful and selfish character, and this information shaped my perspective on how to act in the face of evil, believing that evil is ultimately defeated. The bogey is particularly interesting because regardless of Wolf’s deceit and trickery he is always overcome and his greed leads him to his destruction. The paper will discuss the character traits of the monster so as to bring out how the wolf was introduced for purposes of showing the reader that evil already exists through the character of the wolf and that it can always be overcome. The research will borrow heavily from traditional fairy tales that have used the character of the Wolf. The primary sources will serve to analyze the role of the character and how they impact the character of those that read the fairy tales from the Western literature. Some of the conceptual terms that will be presented include loyalty and fidelity, obscured subjectivity, eating victims, and innocence.

November 03, 2022

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