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When I look at my classmates, I come to one conclusion: they are the children of happy families, and their spouses, even though they are in their golden years, are always happily married. Their fires continue to fire brightly, as they do in other homes around the world. It demonstrates that relationships will succeed and last. Confidence, loyalty, and cooperation are, of course, essential components of a strong partnership. The true measure of a partnership is not only its durability but also both parties' ability to let down their guard and be exposed to each other. My father, I have been looking for him in every man I meet and find worth starting a family. My mother is the luckiest lady on earth. 44 years of marriage and my father still surprises her with flowers and chocolate. They still go out every Friday night and watch movies together during weekends. They are not afraid to hold hands in public, and I don't think they have ever known about PDA (Public Display of Affection). To them, everything comes naturally anywhere, anytime provided they are not acts condemned to closed doors.

Growing up I saw my parents split roles in the house. Whenever I saw groceries, I knew who had bought them and when a leaking pipe was fixed my dad had swung into action. My mother never took a course of action without consulting dad. The mutual respect they displayed for one another through these measures is enviable. They deliberated on details together and talked about everything. For this, I remember the day my mother asked for my dad's opinion before taking up a promotion at work and the relative ease with which my mother accepted and understood whenever dad called home after 6 pm saying he would work late that day. That is the type of relationship I want because they are still strong 44 years later.

November 03, 2022



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