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Excellent message, Justin! I agree with your point of view on profitability as you commented that the company's effectiveness is dependent on both expense and revenue analyses because the two parameters are critical for an enterprise's profitability, or the company's efficiency and effectiveness. It is also important to remember that the success of the firm is measured by the commitment and effectiveness of the salespeople in improving the company's financial situation. Nonetheless, low sales seen in the study do not necessarily indicate shoddy performance from the salespersons, even though different salespersons worked differently as a result of different considerations such as product efficiency and preference. Therefore, as the company seeks to motivate the best candidate and work on improving the ability of the two other men performance, it is important they enhance the quality of the products for competitive advantage. Moreover, they should consider specialization as you have mentioned since it promotes efficacy.


Drury, C. (2004). Management and cost accounting. London: Thomson Learning.


Insightful and great work Joshua! Your notion of capacity building and motivation is a critical element in corporate world. Employees feel motivated, bottled up and empowered when motivated. Furthermore, in organization people need one another in whatever capacity and therefore, it is for this reason that it is significant to empower the low performing since their contribution matters a lot to the profitability of the entire enterprise (Dash, 2009).


Dash, A. P. (2009). Security analysis and portfolio management. New Delhi: I K International.

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Great piece of work Shalina Rice! In your point, that posits that Walmart is one of the leading e-commerce companies due to their compelling marketing mix and strategy is on Point. Walmart to fit being a chef competitor of the e-commerce business legend Amazon depicts greater competitive advantage put in place by its marketing strategy. Thus the good sales volumes determine the company’s profitability (Raulerson et al., 2009).


Raulerson, P., Malraison, J.-C., & Leboyer, A. (2009). Building routes to customers: Proven strategies for profitable growth. New York: Springer.


Awesome work Diana! The Foreign commercial is okay since the primary aim of a business whether individually or group owned is to broaden the profit margin. Similarly, the strategy is not for Americans due to misapplication of the market gap an excellent foreign commercial uses various elements and characteristics of the target group for them to embrace the product (Perrey, 2016).


Perrey, J. (2016). Marketing performance: How marketers drive profitable growth. Chichester, West Sussex, United Kingdom

November 17, 2022

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