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Employers are keen to consider the work history of people and it is thus important to carry it out properly. If you have problems with the expertise component, you should begin by defining the skills that are appropriate for the work being done. The emphasis should be on representing the appropriate skills according to the job advertisement. It is important to list the businesses that they worked for, the period of jobs, the positions held, and the tasks performed to allow prospective employers to appreciate the expertise they hold. The job seeker should describe where the bullets and paragraphs should be used to attract the reader's attention. Honesty and proper formatting increase the chances of securing a job interview in the event a background check is conducted.

For an individual with minimal work experience it is crucial to identify skills outside the work environment that could portray one positively. These are skills gained at school, at part-time jobs and at home such as the ability to solve problems. It is crucial to include awards and recognitions given to show that one has the capacity to have outstanding performance. Volunteer experience, hobbies, and interests could be included in the section and the responsibilities undertaken should have the ability to be transferred to the job applied.

Persons with a lot of experience need to avoid overcrowding the resume not to lose the interest of potential employers. To catch the attention of the reader, start with a focus on the most relevant skills though in a sequential manner with the most recent experience coming first. Format the resume to indicate work achievements in bulleted points form without the inclusion of unnecessary details. Achievements should be specific and time defined and should be put together with responsibilities held to ensure they occupy the least space. Additionally, it is vital to determine when to drop some experience from the resume. Internships should not be included if one has over ten years of work as this would not add value to the resume. Removing accomplishments that do not support the job duties advertised gives attention to what one can do without crowding the resume, and these could be discussed during an interview session.

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