Review of the film Clueless

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Review of the film Clueless
Clueless was published more than 20 years ago, but it is still creating a stir thanks to its iconic costumes and unforgettable catchphrases like Way Harsh, Tai. This makes the movie so exceptional and legendary that I couldn't wait to see it again. Without mentioning characters like Dionne, Tai, and Cher, the film will be incomplete. The film is mainly designed for fashion purposes, and their eye-popping costumes are difficult to forget. When it comes to portraying class and fashion, Clueless is the best, and it will always be famous and unforgettable.
The films costumes only are very clear that they have become a classic for many individuals, the film revolves around teenagers and the costumes became a wonderful combination in portraying the then teenage-wear trends, this 90s film did and is still influencing the mode of dressing on teenagers whenever they watch it. It sparks a sense of fashion and elegance. What is even important in the film about the costumes is how the director of the film interpreted them, making the trends very memorable. The way the costumes were designed seems like they can't get outdated, they are so impressive even when seen today. 20 years later, and the costumes in the film looks like the current trend, some even prefer them to the current trend. The magic of the costume designer in the film cannot go unnoticed, it is an almost beyond possibility for the designer to evoke a lasting trend for so long. The costume designer actually set new trends that were very difficult to be forgotten, she created an iconic and a classic cinematic wardrobe that is admired by so many. The way the costume designer managed to do this is still a wonder.

The plot of the film was to bring out the timeless feminine fashion, especially in teenagers. The costumes, however, had to portray such to serve its purpose. And indeed the costumes have since then become timeless and has revolutionized the way teenagers dress. According to the costume designer, Mona in an interview with "The Daily Beast" claimed that the main purpose of the film was to bring out the difference between the girls and boys in a more memorable and stylish manner. She argues that in her visit to Los Angeles high schools, she realized that it was very difficult to differentiate the boy from the girls, they both wore plaid shirts and baggy pants1. They totally lacked a sense of fashion, therefore the plot of the film Clueless was designed to give the girls a fun, sweet and a forward trending view, which would last for long. This was mainly enabled by the film's character Cher. For the purpose of the plot, the costumes had to speak more, May created a mixture of different contemporary designs such as baby doll dresses and crop tops drawn from the 60s to the 70s classics and included line skirts which were worn with socks, knee-high long2. The costume really caused a buzz, it was so striking and elegant. The miniskirt, yellow and plaid wore with a perfectly matching blazer that Cher wore on her first day at school was really a classic, it brought out a new trend in the schools uniform3. The costumes drew a social class among the students, those dressed in elegance and fashion seemed to flock together.

The costumes are really convincing, they are very real and has since seen the best of times. This is so because it is currently trending in most high schools. The school uniforms are clearly drawn from the film. From my 2017 perspective, it is very clear that fashion can create a lasting impression and trend, and I can predict it to even trend for many years to come.


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December 15, 2021


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