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Rhetorical Analysis Assignment

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The primary purpose of doing the rhetorical analysis assignment used to be to illustrate my understanding and capability of analyzing distinct types of literary work. The assignment matters a lot in view that it demonstrates how competent I am in assessing work rather than reading alone. Moreover, the mission was vital since it sharpened and broadened my understanding regarding rhetorical analysis given that I researched the approach consequently understanding more concepts related to its application. I hope my audience will be able to understand my message surely since the analysis has facilitated effective structuring and transport of ideas. I decided to analyze Wallace’s speech because I read it on the internet before taking the English lesson and has remained an inspiring piece of work in my life.

Further, I choose to use rhetoric approach because it has been broadly utilized to assess different types of work and help a person to understand the methods as well as the main message of the author. I did significant revision choices including discussion with classmates, social media platforms as well as online dialogue with experts. Sincerely, I have learnt a lot from the rhetoric analysis especially about how to gain audience attention and deliver the message correctly. Moreover, the assignment has provided essential skills in my future work where I will be viewing any literature work in a broader perspective rather than exploring the message only. I have learnt that the methods and literally devices used by authors or speakers determine how the communication will be effective. As an English student, I will have to utilize the skills gained from the assignment during my future tasks as well as applying them in the real situations.

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July 24, 2021


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