Rising Stars Social Media Marketing Plan

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The company is called Rising Stars. Since inception, Rising Stars has taken a proactive role in nurturing music and acting talents for young people.

Brief Overview

Rising Stars recognized need to engage young people in the society by offering opportunities for them to develop their talents. The company provides performance training lessons to students which include an introduction to acting, acting 1&2, advanced acting, acting on camera, and musical theatre. Rising Stars also offers discipline techniques, speech dialects, and voice projection. To build the talents of clients, Rising Stars allows students to train with professional teachers who instill confidence in students. A prospective student can choose to enroll for a two-continuous-year full-time program or a part-time program during evenings and weekends. By using these programs, Rising Stars seeks to expand its niche to a broader market and ensure high volumes of clients enrolling for performances. The company strives to provide essential links between young actors and movie directors and producers.

Social Media Presence

Since the advent of information technology, many global organizations have developed programs to align their operations with evolving technology. While recognizing the centrality of social media in the contemporary business practice, Rising Stars resorted to embrace Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to reach a growing global market of social media users. The use of social media platforms has resulted in an influx of new talent for the company. Analysis of the social presence of Rising Stars using five metrics reveals a positive recognition of the company's initiative. The company has many positive and neutral mentions with a varying number of followers on Facebook and Twitter. The company can obtain feedback from social media users who like and comment on the updates.

Competitive Analysis

The budgetary allocation for the social media marketing plan is as shown below:

Rising Stars seeks to engage in a competition with its rivals through an active social media campaign. The provisions in the budget underscore the company's recognition of the significance of social media strategies and commitment to excellence. The budget which is approximately half a million U.S. dollars will be used in creating relevant videos and pictures, software development, and market research and analysis. It will also help in facilitating promotional activities and enhancing competition. The competitive analysis can be summarized into strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT).


Rising Stars thrives on establishing lasting relationships with clients and partners based on honesty, integrity, and mutual respect. The company has a broad wide awareness of its target audience. Its investment in social media campaign aims at taking the message where it belongs since millions of young people are active users of social media tools.


Rising Stars controls a relatively smaller market share compared to her rivals, and it could weaken its strategic positioning in the entertainment industry.


The entertainment industry has not been fully exploited since there are thousands of young people whose talents have not been fully nurtured. Rising Stars can take advantage of this opportunity and offer cost-effective performance building. The use of better advertisement methods can enhance the company’s strategic rise to excellence in the industry.


Although new entrants like Rising Stars can pose a significant threat to the market, they are also prone to stiff competition from traditional industry players with a sizeable market share. Robust ideas from competitors can diminish Rising Stars’ hope of seeking a competitive edge.

August 01, 2023


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