Rising Stars Social Media Marketing Plan

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The primary goal that Rising Stars will consider for its social media marketing plan is strengthening its brand especially amongst individuals in younger generations and budding artists who wish to join the organization. This move will enable the company to attain a more significant following hence enhancing its competitiveness amongst rivals in the industry. Also, Rising Stars will seek opportunities to improve the satisfaction levels of its clients with both the company’s services and its web presence. This aim will enable it to enhance customer loyalty to the organization hence spurring long-term business growth. Thirdly, Rising Stars will aim to increase the number of customer references through word-of-mouth recommendations to their family, friends, and acquaintances. This strategy will enable the company to expand its number of prospective clients hence further driving business success.

A fourth goal that Rising Stars will implement is to work to encourage customer participation in the creation of new service ideas and apply them in the organization. This technique will enable the company to discern the unique needs of its customers and proactively seek ways to address them hence enhancing their satisfaction and loyalty to the brand. Lastly, Rising Stars will invest mainly in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tools to enable it to engage more effectively with its customers online hence creating a competitive edge over rivals in its business environment.


            Rising Stars will also employ several broad social media strategies to enable it to its goals. These strategies will include “listening, interacting, engaging, influencing, and contributing to the social web” (Page 304). Listening will enable the company to increase its awareness of the aspects of its business that trend the most online hence allowing it to focus its marketing strategies on these areas. In regards to interacting, engaging, and influencing, these strategies will enable the business to enhance its communication with clients to discern their unique needs and implement them in its service production. Lastly, contributing to the social web will enable the company to demonstrate its interest in the opinions of its customers. This technique will allow the business to acquire customer feedback that is pertinent to the creation of a customer-oriented business. As such, the company will be able to enhance its level of competitiveness hence fostering business success.

Tuning Sections

            Tuning sections of the social media marketing plan for Rising Stars will primarily focus on enhancing web traffic in social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. Social media sites have millions of subscribers and followers globally who engage in meaningful conversations each day. These individuals form an enormous market which businesses can tap into to spur long-term growth (Page 310). As such, Rising Stars intends to take advantage of this opportunity to enhance its communication with customers, stimulate word-of-mouth recommendations, and heighten customer loyalty to its brand to grow and sustain its business.

Rising Stars will utilize social media platforms to post meaningful content that aligns with the more significant interests of its market segment. Also, the company will ensure that it increases the number of company posts on its social media platforms each day and respond to customer’s comments promptly. This situation will enable it to engage in meaningful conversations with clients hence making them inclined to like, comment, and share the information with their friends. Rising Stars will also utilize social media platforms to market its services to customers through Coupons and giveaways to its fans. This situation will enable it to heighten its web traffic hence further grow its business in the entertainment market.


Page 304.

Page 310 - 317.

August 01, 2023



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