Role of IANA

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The IANA functions relate to the interdependent technological functions that support effective Internet functioning in the domain name area. As a result, IANA must coordinate the assignment of parameters for all Internet protocols. Also, IANA must take part in the allocation of resources for Internet numbering. Ultimately, IANA is responsible for ensuring that modification requests linked to the DNS authoritative root zone file are processed (NTIA, 2016). As a result, IANA is in charge of overseeing all global IP address, media type, domain name system, autonomous number system, and internet number assignments. Impact of the move

The move will result in the improvement of the quality of services, which are extended to the people in society. As such, the multistakeholder approach will facilitate in ensuring that there is growth of the Internet (DeNardis, 2014). The situation will occur since all stakeholders will come into a consensus on how to address technical challenges and solve policy issues. The aim is to streamline the service provision and ensuring that there is security on the Internet platform. The stakeholders include technical experts, innovators, governments, engineers, civil society groups, and the businesses. The privatization will also ensure that the private sector has the leadership capability to make decisions, which are linked to the technical issues related to the Internet. Furthermore, the control, which is normally exercised by the government on the Internet, is minimized. Thus, the Internet becomes open to all individuals who are interested in enjoying the provided and included services at all times. Hence, the Internet has become for everyone and not for the government.


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May 17, 2023

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