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Millions of people throughout the world are moved to tears when they hear the name Rosa Parks. The first image that comes to me is of an African-American woman refusing to submit to institutional segregation by refusing to give up her seat to a white male passenger. This act of resistance is what many people remember you for, and I am glad for the influence the seemingly "insignificant" deed had on American history. The historic act foreshadowed the Montgomery Bus Boycott, which aided the growth of the Civil Rights Movement. As a woman involved in the struggle for civil rights, you also inspired women around the world to fight for equality. Today many benefit from the actions of both you and your contemporaries. Nothing can match the sacrifice that you made then, since you were continuously harassed and threatened by locals who wanted to maintain the status quo.

The United States is markedly different today compared to the state of affairs during the Civil Rights Era. You experienced a time when equality was an ideal African-Americans could only dream of and had to fight against Jim Crow laws which enforced racial segregation. It is astounding that an African-American could have tens of acres of land but white-dominated local authorities limited how they could use their land. Voting rights seemed to further disenfranchise Africans Americans who had no voice in their social and economic lives. The prejudice was unbearable, creating a generation of individuals such as yourself who were determined to overturn the injustice. The result was the inception of civil rights advocacy organizations such as the NAACP and CORE. You served as the secretary for the Montgomery chapter of the former which is a testament to your dedication to agitate for the equality of African Americans in the United States. My experience in today’s America is very different to what you experienced. Racial segregation is a thing of the past with one choosing where they sit in a bus or go to the washroom rather than following savage segregation laws. Voting is also open today with African-Americans just as free to vote for whoever they want as any other race. On the face of it, one would conclude that all Americans are really getting the most out of life in modern America. However, it is sad that we have not yet reached the utopia that you dreamed about decades ago. Institutional racism has left most African-Americans struggling to get by and many others rotting in prisons across the country. I know you would be disappointed with such developments but it is part of the rot I experience in today’s world. Your generation’s dream was that a time would come when everyone would be treated equally despite the background or sex. In this regard, I think you would also be very disappointed with the progress of the Equal Rights Amendment which would ensure that everyone enjoyed equal legal rights regardless of their sex. While 37 states have ratified amendment, the remaining 13 have frustrated the efforts to achieve equality. You always emphasized the importance of social equality. There has been massive progress over the past decades but I feel that my generation can do more to further your work. I will try my best to be one of those who ensure that socioeconomic equality is achieved not only in the United States but also the rest of the world.

October 07, 2021


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