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Many residents in the United States have difficulty making appropriate arrangements for their dogs while they visit. Furthermore, the lack of adequate caring for the dogs in their absence makes them feel guilty because they know the pet would most likely lack basic treatment that they (owners) give while they are around. Since 76 percent of dog owners consider their pets to be members of their own, they lavish them with attention and affection. As a result, certain people drive less or not at all in order to be there with their pets. came in to provide a service that connects dog owners with dog sitters that will take care of the dog(s) in their absence. This leaves the owner at ease and enables them to travel without worrying about their dog’(s) welfare. may use focus groups to find out the perception, opinion, beliefs, and attitude towards their services. Furthermore, focus groups can be great avenues for development and strengthening of the services, as the opinions, perceptions and attitudes towards can necessitate changes and modification of the service.

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A genuine business opportunity has some essential qualities: attractiveness, durability, timeliness, and is anchored on a product, service or a business created to add value to its consumers. satisfies all of these qualities. It is attractive in the sense that different from the typical; kernels where dogs are copped up, they have a better service that ensures the dog owner is comfortable to know that his dog will be taken care of exclusively. In terms of durability, did a research and found out that 70% of the people will travel more if such a service available, and is a need for their services is growing each day (currently having 25,000 dog sitters 200,000 listed dog owners). Moreover, the company has raised $25 million in funding and continues to garner plenty of attention. In 2003, the company’s revenue increased by 800%. Finally, the service is anchored on a business created to add value to its customer. With over 78 million dog owner in the Unites States, this service provides them with an opportunity to travel and handle other issues knowing well that the dog they left at home is taken care of. In fact, they can even see pictures of their dog as well as interact with the dog sitter, making it a fun and comfortable activity for all parties involved.

September 21, 2021


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