Rugby Franchise in Perth setting

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To ensure the accomplishment of its aims, establishing a rugby franchise necessitates careful preparation and analysis of several topics.

Indeed, a sports franchise strives to draw as many supporters as possible while also encouraging the health and well-being of the players and staff. Any of the most important things to consider when establishing a franchise are the requisite personnel, media promotion, community involvement, the mental and physical well-being of the players, and the growth of team culture.

Required personnel

The personnel will be in charge of assembling the team. They will include a director of rugby, first-team head coach, two first-team coaches, director of performance and player development, head of player enrollment, manager of player welfare and rugby operations, kit manager, high-performance manager, and two first team conditioning and strength coaches. A performance analyst, sports medicine manager, team doctor, three first-team physiotherapists, massage therapist and medical administrator, academy manager, assistant academy manager, academy analyst will also be required. Other essential staff members include an elite player development coach, academy conditioning and strength coach, academy analyst, and academy head of physical development.

Promotion to the media

Promotion involves using various ways to spread relevant information about a brand to the public and to differentiate it from other brands. Promotional strategies can help to make the public aware of the franchise to attract as many fans as possible and make the rugby club profitable. Indeed, such approaches are useful in positioning an organization in a promising light with current clientele as well as new ones. Some of the most effective strategies include social media marketing, print media, radio commercials, and television advertisements. Social media marketing involves creating a link between brands and consumers while providing a currency and channel for social interaction and user-centered networking. Print media advertising consists of the use of physically printed media like newspapers to reach the target audience and increase brand loyalty. Radio commercials involve using radio stations to air information regarding a particular organization, while television advertisements include the use of TV stations for promotion.

Engagement with the community

Engaging with the community effectively relies on the nature of the community that an organization is working with. Without a doubt, the approach which the rugby club should take to engage with the community should depend on the kind of community around it. It can consider inviting local organizations and members of the community to its programs and events and taking part in community events. It is imperative for such connections to be ongoing and regular to ensure healthy relations with the community. Such engagements should not be things which an organization does and moves on; instead, they should be part of their day-to-day experience. Forming partnerships with various local organizations can also be significant to the achievement of the club's goals since it can concentrate the focus of the community on a particular issue and maintain the consistency of its approach to problems. Undeniably, good relations can make the community advocate for the club's goals and initiatives while contributing its assets, talents, and contacts, thus enabling the organization to expand its influence while reaching out to new audiences.

The emotional well-being of a person is their overall psychological condition which includes behavioral, emotional, and cognitive characteristics and repercussions. Conversely, physical well-being refers to the health-related physical fitness. Studies show that rugby players do not often experience optimal emotional and physical wellbeing. They usually experience high levels of depression, anger, anxiety, and curiosity. They experience average intensities of anxiety. Media reports have often cited professional rugby players for deleterious health outcomes and negative health behaviors. These reports have shown that the players usually display aggressive action, for instance, domestic violence, verbal and physical assaults during games, and even murder. They also tend to suffer from psychological disorders and engage in excessive alcohol consumption.

Research shows that rugby players have high levels of health-related physical fitness; however, their levels of heart health, muscle endurance and strength, and cardiovascular endurance are quite low thus presenting a moderate risk to their health. According to the findings of various studies, rugby players tend to experience overtraining syndrome due to the high-collision nature and high-intensity of the sport. Indeed, the game imposes immense psychological and physiological demands of the players. Therefore, it is imperative to educate rugby coaches, players, the family of the players and the team doctors on overtraining syndrome, including its health risks, symptoms, coping strategies, and prevention tactics.

Developing team culture

A team culture is essential because it has a direct impact on several areas which affect the performance and functioning of a team. Therefore, it is imperative to develop a team culture among the members of staff and players of the rugby club. An organization can build a team culture by making teamwork one of the core values of the club and stressing on a self-managing team which can make decisions on its own. The leaders can also create team culture by showing the club members the seriousness of their commitment by allowing them to carry out their tasks on their terms while making sure they take responsibility for the outcome. Effective communication is also necessary for building team culture since it is vital for the teamwork achievement. The leaders should emphasize on the prioritizing and continuous refinement of the communication skills of the team members. The management should also encourage the team members to carry out their responsibilities and roles with discipline at all time. Indeed, discipline is essential for team members to adhere to their protocols and standards as they undertake their day-to-day activities. Team leaders should efficiently coordinate, coach, and facilitate the other team members' activities since effective leadership is crucial for the development of team culture.


A rugby franchise requires the recruitment of various professionals, for instances, coaches, healthcare professionals, and administrators to build the team and ensure that the players undergo adequate training and that their health status is optimal so that their performance can always be excellent. It is imperative for the club to use such promotional strategies as social media marketing, print media, radio commercials, and television advertisements to make the public aware of it to attract as many fans as possible and become profitable. The management of the franchise should pay close attention to the overall psychological condition and health-related physical fitness of the players and strive to promote their mental and physical wellbeing. The club can effectively engage with the community by taking part in community events, inviting members of the community to its programs, and forming partnerships with local organizations. It should emphasize on teamwork, effective communication, and discipline to develop team culture among the club members.


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