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Saint Leo University has identified a set of fundamental principles that comprise their vision to provide a better learning atmosphere that is suitable for their students' growth in all aspects of their lives. These fundamental principles are very specific to the university's priorities. Saint Leo University aims to use these fundamental principles to achieve steadfast moral guidelines that add meaning to the University's life for the Student Population. Excellence, community, respect, personal development, responsible stewardship, and integrity are among these core values (Saint Leo University, 2017). The core values mentioned above are very distinct with regard to the philosophy of Saint Leo University. The attainment of these core values in the day to day practices of staff members and students works towards successful implementation of philosophies of Saint Leo University.

Listed among the core values is excellence, which aims at achieving the success of the highest measure. The University motivates its staff to achieve excellence in their daily activities that will ensure the accomplishment of the strategic goals of the university. Furthermore, the students are urged to excel in every manner be it their studies or their extracurricular activities as all aspects of their lives are important for their personal and professional development. Consequently, excellence is achieved through a whole-rounded academic experience that fosters critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving. Excellence guarantees that most students will go out into the world and transform it for the benefit of society.

The community is a very important aspect of Saint Leo University. The student community, as well as the staff community, is very significant. The essence of any community is integration and helping each other when one is in need. The student community should work towards creating a harmonious environment that fosters cultural diversity in a broad sense. This creates an opportunity for cultural integration that enables the staff and the students to gain new enriching perspectives about the world. In view of this, the aspect of community is important as it creates value in the positive development of society.

Respect is said to be earned and not given voluntarily. However, in the educational environment, the kind of respect involved takes a different road than the interpersonal respect. Respect, in the context of Saint Leo University, refers to the respect of everyone’s intellectual, physical and mental abilities in an educational environment that creates a culture of critical thinking. By respecting the opinions of one another, critical thinking can be developed not only for the quest of knowledge but also for truth. Therefore, respect as a core value is a priceless component of the everyday life of a student at the University.

Integrity refers to acting in a manner that does not defy one’s strong moral principles. In an environment where many people of the same age are interacting every day, the probability of interpersonal problems arising is very high. Therefore, Integrity ought to be upheld in a steadfast manner that creates an avenue for the existence of personal development in one’s life. Furthermore, responsible stewardship entails the ability to be a good representative of the University. Impressions have a very strong effect on the opinions of people. Therefore, it is very important that students and staff members act as responsibly as they can as the society sees them as a representative of the University.


Saint Leo University. (2017). Florida Catholic University. Saint Leo University. Retrieved from [Accessed 16 October 2017].

November 09, 2022

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