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Schools and sexual education

Young people lack the ability to discuss sexual knowledge with their parents at home; as a result, 93 percent of young people learn about sexuality from school-based sex education services (Winnicott, 4).
Sex education is a necessary course that assists young people in acknowledging their sexual transitions and gaining control over sexual activity.
Sex education is the study of human identity, emotional relationships, romantic habits, age, and abstinence from sexual activities (Winnicott, 2).
Sex education teaches them how to handle and treat themselves, as well as familiarize themselves with their personal experiences. Since the modern society exposes the adolescents to sexual content, failure to teach them on how to behave appropriately will lead them to involve in sexual activities.

A. Aids and STIs infections and unwanted pregnancies are the major dangers of not educating the adolescents about sexual education

1. Sex education is an essential curriculum topic that will guide the adolescents in promoting upright behaviors in the society.

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August 18, 2021






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