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Second World War Essay

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During the Second World War, the Americans used several tactics. The Americans and the Japanese are now close friends. Some years before, however, they were great rivals. Around 1941 and 1945, they waged a rough war which the world still knows very well today.
The justification for such a conflict was that Pearl Harbor was bombed by the Japanese. In Asia, the Japanese were fighting a war of dominance and tried to show they were superior to any other race. In 1931, they conquered Manchuria, China in 1937, and then French Indochina in 1940. (Stouffer 951). The Americans were so worried about such actions that they only wanted to respond properly to them. It was also at this time that the Americans had gone through the Great Depression that had left them economically devastated. It was also at this time when the great worldwide trade across the globe was developing. The Japanese used cutthroat techniques to limit on their imports and maximize on exports to enjoy economic prowess, which also angered the world and Americans at large. The US President Roosevelt ordered the shipment of oil and steel to stop to Japan. Without the shipments, the Japanese military could not fight effectively and for long. The Navy, for instance, had only a six months stock that could not suffice for so long.
Also, the Japanese Americans rallied against the Navy of Japan. At first, the Japanese encouraged loyalty and obedience, but it proved to be futile after they were so badly humiliated at their own game. There are a lot of similarities in fighting against terror since in Japan economic prowess was used to win the war. Later on, the Japanese lost the fight and were left devastated

Work Cited
Stouffer, A.; Lumsdaine, Arthur A.; Lumsdaine, M; Williams J; Smith, M. Brewster; Janis, Irving L.; Star, Shirley A.; Cottrell Jr., Leonard S. The American Soldier: Combat and its aftermath. (Studies in social psychology in World War II), Vol. 2. Princeton, NJ, US: Princeton University Press

July 24, 2021
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