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A protection company is important because it guarantees the personal safety of citizens as well as the security of their property. The company is made up of security guards who, despite not having the same legal authority as police officers. They make certain the duties that the police cannot properly accomplish are covered up. The feedback, like every other company, decides the level of services is provided. As a result, when establishing a company, one must ensure that sufficient capital is available to satisfy the following requirements. The license is required because it demonstrates one's expertise and legalization of the mission. When recruiting security guards, one should ensure each one of them is certified and licensed to practice expected skills (Leander, 2005).

Additionally, the private patrol operator and the manager require a license to be able to perform their duties. The license is acquired after training which is done a fee varying according to place and level of education. Furthermore, a company needs to invest in thorough and detailed Standard Operating Procedures which meet most organizations operational needs (Von Solms, 2005). The operation processes should properly fit the client’s business standards and its level of risk management. They should ensure that the operations consider the view and safety of the community at large, being accountable with the legal regulations in place and respecting every human right.

The company needs to yield the outcome of stability, development and peace in their areas of operation ensuring that their clients and stakeholders needs are rights are met adequately. Some events that occur are usually destructive and are caused by nature and human activities. The security company is expected to be very keen when handling such situations so as not to lose focus on the set objectives, but still be able to protect the legal rights of the community and the stakeholders. This is to ensure that all the customer needs are addressed adequately. The firm's core competence will be mainly on how strictly we adhere to the set Standard Operation Procedures and the International Standards (Leander, 2005). That is to ensure that the operation process complies with every legal document and national law. The firm to be consistent with the voluntary commitments made perform all legal mandates without fail, apply principles which are relevant to specific institutions and ensure adherence to the law.

My two competitors are Axis Security Company and Ultimate Security Company. Their operations are constrained by the national, customary, and regional law. To beat them in the market, my security firm will also consider the application of international law. This will demand an increased level of professionalism amongst the staff requesting additional training which will be conducted at the firm site. Furthermore, the additional knowledge gained will reduce the issues of conflicts of law, therefore, increasing our market demand.

The company will ensure weekly evaluation of performance to ensure the operations consistently conform to the applicable laws. The company will have a private auditor to ensure accountability of the use of resources and to maintain a balance between different departments in the business. Nevertheless, the firm staff will be able to hold frequent official and strategic dialogue with stakeholders and customers to ensure transparency and diligence. When employees are motivated, the quality of work improves, therefore, the performance of every employee will be rated annually to note those who added extra effort in their work and recommend improvement to those who performed below average.


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Von Solms, B. (2005). Information Security governance: COBIT or ISO 17799 or both?. Computers & Security, 24(2), 99-104.

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