Self Evaluation Scale

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The test results for testing a concept's grasp level and capacity to understand quickly revealed that I have intermediate concept understanding. It placed me in the group of people who are just below the high self-concept achievers. In essence, I spend a few minutes understanding and contextualizing things, approaching each difficulty with a positive mindset, and so I agree with the exam findings. I've occasionally found myself losing concentration when introducing new topics, resulting in a short attention span. Apart from attention loss I sometimes have esteem issues related to my environment. The above factors contribute to the confidence and in the long ran the control of life.

2. How do your assessment results align with others in your demographic group who have taken the assessment?


The evaluation results study of high self-concept has compared well to the global scale where despite being an average scorer, I am only a few points less from high self-concept by scoring 44.4% of the assessment on self-concept. It has also tied to the scales as 44.4% being the high self-concept scores and about 11% for the low self-concept achievers. In a global scale, the results place me in the 35.8% of moderate self-concepts. 47.6% fall into the high self-concept where the majority of the group is currently set. The low self-concept achievers have also changed to the global standard being higher at 16.5% which could be as a result of many issues encountered during the survey.

3. As you reflect on the facets of the results or the commentary provided in the results, what is most meaningful and important to you? Which is less meaningful? Explain your decision.


Taking five questions that I related within the study and most useful commentary was to connect the poorly performed scores of 2.5 and lower to try and practice them more often. It shows that the marked items as 2.5 and less in self-esteem test and life control had to be placed more into focus and measures were taken. The test on self-esteem are issues that I can work to improve on a daily basis. Self-esteem was the most influential since it has the ability to boost confidence and give positive emotions.

According to the study, I found that the less meaningful commentary was the idea of using existing techniques of improving positive emotions and high self-esteem which most of the time fail to work. It also makes it harder since I'd have to countercheck every sample question with cross-reference with the existing techniques. Instead, it is easier to get disciplined procedures that I can follow in my convenience to improve on the esteem level.

4. How will I use this information to further my professional development?


The information has provided me with an ability to reflect on myself and realize the ideal steps to take for improvement in the esteem levels as they reflect most to the others like self-confidence, positive emotions, and greater life control. It has also shown me the discipline management measures I can take without losing focus. I will use the knowledge I obtain from this and help more people who are in the low self-concept bracket to attain better scores.

It has shown me the use of teamwork through a selection of a partner who helps and support the goals to be accomplished. I support the culture of building as a reliable support system to get help. Most support can come from co-workers who help you create schedules for improving esteem and boost confidence. They provide a follow up to the technique chosen too, and that helps me track progress while eliminating worry since the focus is not shifted.

May 10, 2023


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