Serial Killer Motives in depth analysis

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The article discusses serial murderers and the possible causes of their ability to murder indefinitely. Dr. Helen Morrison, the scholar, is attempting to determine the motivations behind serial killers' behavior. She has interviewed over 135 child killers and studied some of their DNA. She discovered that serial killers often had an extra chromosome in their genetic code, such as an extra Y or X chromosome. One example is when she discovered a male serial killer with an extra Y chromosome, which caused his breasts to develop bigger than normal during her puberty years. This caused him to be frustrated and find relief in murder. The researcher hopes that her findings shall be able to help authorities identify serial killers and institutions of research be able to mitigate the harmful effects of the said extra chromosomes. Additionally, this research is hoped to spur additional research on the causality between DNA and serial killer motives.

This paper shall be analyzed in terms of various elements pertinent to the story such as tone, rhetorical effect, and language. Language, in this case, shall cover aspects such as diction, syntax, tone, form and context. Serial killers are a frightening and thrilling part of the society that has had many researchers looking for an answer as to its motives among the individuals who perpetrate the heinous acts, which is the quest that researcher Dr. Helen Morrison is on in this article that is under analysis.


The article is written in the third person which promotes the element of impersonality thus potentially giving the research additional credibility. In contradistinction, articles written in the first person are often viewed as subject to bias and inadequate. Nadia Vella has done an excellent job at employing the third person narration here, it has made the article impersonal and given it a sense of independently verifiable research.

Diction refers to the style of writing and choices of words while narrating a piece of literature. Nadia Vella has stuck to formal diction throughout the narration of this article which has given the piece a serious outlook. This is relevant for this type of narrative since it is aimed at laying across the scientific concepts behind Dr. Helen Morrison work, which is professional. This has worked well within the article, particularly considering the type of work that it is portraying. The scientific field and writings often require a strict protocol of formality and writing an article on these findings must carry a similar amount of weight that must be expressed in the diction.

Tone refers to the attitude that the author takes while approaching the matter at hand. Often, every work of literature has a theme, the manner in which the researcher approaches this theme is the tone of the writing. The tone is important in determining how the reader should analyze the text and feel about it. The tone that Vella has taken towards the theme in this paper is a neutral tone that is meant to be informative. She is essentially reporting the research work associated with Dr. Helen Morrison. In my opinion, this is an appropriate tone, particularly considering that it is a paper narrated in the third person and the author is simply relaying information which she may not be conversant with in detail. As such, this tone avoids potentially misleading assumptions by the readers and encourages the independent synthesis of the information provided.

Syntax refers to how the author has employed various words in the formation of his or her sentence. It is strongly related to diction, which is the choice of words by an author. A compels diction often results in complex syntax while simple diction often results in simple syntax. This is a web article targeted towards the average user and thus Vella has employed a simple syntax that was precipitated by the simple diction discussed earlier. The author has used simple sentences with short phrases that r easily remembered by the readers. Considering this is a blog, the syntax is appropriate and almost always guaranteed to be understood by anyone interested in the blog. From my perspective, I find this an appropriate use of syntax in a movie blogging platform. On a web article, particularly the blogging platform, quick understanding and processing of information are key. As such, use of a simple syntax can go a long way in ensuring that the correct audience actually gets the message. However, its use in this text is a bit out of place since it is too simple. When expressing or reporting scientific events, the jargon and sentence structure must show the scientific acumens as well, without getting unnecessarily complex.

The form of writing the author employed is the use of short paragraphs and images in communicating his ideas. The paper is organized into several paragraphs that are about a sentence long. Additionally, Vella has employed the use of photography and images in this article as attention getters and elaborative aides. Last but not least, the paper has incorporated links to various website that the reader can follow to find additional information on the various aspects of the data and the author.

Last but not least, rhetoric has been employed effectively in the article through the use of the phrase serial killers which is meant to emphasize the theme and capture the attention of the audience. The phrase can be observed in the text itself and on every image that is pertinent to the article. This has drawn the readers to the content and helped keep the theme central in the narration.


This analysis is aimed at enlightening the readers and bringing to their attention the various concepts in the paper. Additionally, after reading this critique, the reader shall have a superior understanding of the facts in the paper and even, to a limited degree, their reliability. However, most important, I would like the readers to get the gist of a literary work and its elements. Armed with this type of knowledge, the reader can learn to analyze any literary work do apply these concepts to it. This can go a long way in determining whether a text is worth the reader's time of attention. Additionally, the reader can easily differentiate between formal and informal texts and their fitness to his or her purposes. A critical analysis essay is an important part of the society in the modern era where there is a plethora of data and information that is available through various means and gadgets such as social media networks, journals, and blogs on top of the traditional methods of information dissemination such as mass media in textbooks. Whenever you read an article online, there is always the possibility that it is biased and potentially wrong. From this perspective, it is mandatory for the reader to ask themselves whether the article is formal or informal, whether it is written by one person or by multiple individuals and whether the narrator is the author. These questions go a long way in improving an individual’s synthesis of data and information.

October 25, 2022

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