Setting Academic Goals and Achieve Them

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To achieve success in life, it is necessary to set academic challenges. Setting objectives, much like a corporate entity, provides a straightforward direction to pursue in achieving success in whatever one is doing. Similarly, setting academic goals is essential for a student. This is because it focuses on the end goal. It offers guidance about how to improve one's academic success to one that is more attainable. According to research, working with defined targets allows for a more succinct way of organizing one's activities. As a result, setting academic goals allows achievement to be assessed, realistic, and attainable. Therefore defining educational goals helps in the structuring of time so as to focus on what is important in working towards completion of the academic course. In that context, therefore, my outlined goals will guide me in actualizing on my goals for the next twelve months of school.

My Goals

Class Participation

Class participation is a fundamental concept in the learning process. It gives the feeling that one is learning and achieving something about the course being undertaken. In that context, therefore, strategizing on achieving a goal in class participation is a well focused academic goal. This is because it will facilitate my learning and understanding level. Class participation means that I will progressively and deeply interact with the teacher as well as other students. Through this, I stand to gain a lot than when remaining in my cocoon struggling to succeed on my own (Cumming, 2008).

I, therefore, desire to achieve this by the end of the twelve months I have assigned to achieve my academic goals. Being a shy student, I have had a lot of disadvantages about the way I take class work. I, therefore, make it my goal to work towards achieving class participation by the end of the academic year. I wish to make this through participating in social arenas to gain the courage to speak up in class as well as ask and answer questions. I want to use my fellow students and teachers to enable me in achieving this. Holding mock class gatherings with my friends and practicing class participation on our own will greatly help me in achieving my goal. I will, therefore, let my friends aware of my strategy and request the maximum help they can lend me in actualizing my goal.

Oral Presentations

One of the goals in education is to be able to communicate to audiences orally. Sometimes being a challenging and discouraging exercise makes it hard for students to learn how to do this effectively. In that context, therefore, I want to make it an academic goal for this academic year by which I wish to be able to stand in class and make a presentation with no fear and thoughts of failure. Being able to communicate orally effectively does not only aid in the achievement of academic goals but also life accomplishments. This is because in life I will be faced with so many instances requiring oral addressing and therefore learning how to communicate in class effectively will be a great aid for the future with consideration to what life holds for me.

I, therefore, wish to work on achieving this goal with the help of my fellow students as well as our teachers. I desire to make them my leaning posts in facilitating my ability to orally present. Therefore they are the support I wish to have in working towards this goal (Van, 2012). I hope to achieve this through joining class discussion groups that assign tasks to themselves and make presentations on their own or in class in the presence of both students and the teacher. By joining these groups will greatly help me in acquiring the courage to be bold enough and speak in front of the people. My friends will give me the tips on how to face the audience and make a presentation to them without fear or anxiety. Additionally, my teachers will be my other resource in ensuring that I achieve my oral presentation goals. I will say lias with them and request for oral presentation assignments that will subject me to more oral presentations and strategize on achieving public speaking skills and abilities. Therefore taking the engagement steps from my fellow students and teachers will enable me in achieving my oral presentation goal at the end of the year.

Developing Good Studying Habits

Academic success comes with good studying habits. A good studying habit dictates the level of understanding, remembering, and application of the knowledge acquired during the studying process. Therefore developing good studying habits will facilitate consistency in learning, striving to boost one's experience through revisiting of what has been taught and consistently reading ahead and widely on the course material. It is, therefore, my desire by the end of the twelve months I have designed for my plan that I will have attained the aspects of a good learning habit. I want to be a self-sufficient student who will not be guided by timetable in studies but being able to do things on my own and with consistency (Van, 2012).

I strategize on engaging myself with course work outline analysis and learning the expected outcomes at the end of the learning course. I wish to indulge myself into s timed cycle frame that will allow me to reflect on my reading habits and the desire to upgrade to a new reading habit. I wish to engage my teachers in enabling me to achieve a good and recommendable studying practice that will lead me to the actualization of my academic desires. In addition to this, I will engage technological resources like the internet in getting tips that will enable me to lead on to better studying habits.

Concerning my outlined academic goals, I believe that they all contribute towards the achievement of my academic prowess at the end of my academic course and units. This is because they all build at making a good path for my academic journey in the actualization of life requirements accompanying scholars. I believe that the strategies outlined will work as propelling factors in achieving the educational goals outlined. This is because they are support elements within my reach ad utilization and therefore valid in delivering the required service in aid to achieving my academic goals.

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