Should undocumented immigrations live in the U.S. without fear of getting deported?

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America is one of the world's largest nations; however, it has been suggested that it is still a country of refugees. History informs us that many inhabitants fled their coast and migrated into the territories now known as America, and America has since been known to open its arms to tourists over the years. The nation also attributes some of its growth to immigrant activities because they contribute to various facets of the country's economic and social development. However, in recent times, there have been several agitations about the rate at which people move into the United States, and some of these claims have been supported by recent attacks by Islamic terrorists and the drug activities of citizens of it neighboring country Mexico. There is need to point out that the United States has a million of undocumented immigrants who are currently living and earning income in the United States, there have been some agitations that such group of people should be deported from the States and sent back to the home countries. This study is developed to negate this option. Hence it shall provide the excellent reason why this group of people should be allowed to stay and live in the United States.

First, we must be informed that the international law diplomacy is based on the concept of mutual benefits most times what you do to the citizens of other countries within your territory is reciprocated to your citizens in other parts of the world. The United States is a vast nation regarding the size of its population hence has its citizens spread across the globe. If the country beings to deport undocumented immigrate its citizens may also begin to face stiff immigration laws and conditions in other nations where they are residing. Such countries might start to make it difficult for U.S citizen to trade, live, or even visit. Hence it will translate adverse economic and social effects on the United States, (Corbett, 11). Second, as we have rightfully mentioned these immigrants are enormous and they form a huge proportion of the United States' workforce, they pick up jobs that a regular American would not do, the sweep our streets, serve at our bars, clean our homes, etc. These groups of people are a source of cheap labor hence based on this factor I think they should not be deported since they provide the services that an average American can’t provide and they also contribute to the economic outcome of the United States of American. A deportation of this group of people in their millions will create avoid in the American society which will not be filled up quickly, (Borjas 12-13)

There is need to note that the United States is a haven for these immigrants our country is based on the principles freedom and the rule of law. We are considered a role model by other democracies in the world. We should not forget that a large percentage of this people come to the States in a bid to escape violence and all forms of inhumane treatment that have been perpetrated against them such as sexual assault, marginalization, and poverty. It will be morally incorrect to send them back. Even to laws of the society teaches us to offer help to those who look up to us for it. We must also note that these people have lived in the state for years they have blended with our culture they have adopted our ways of life. It is also safe to say that they consider America as their home, having to go back will have adverse effects on their lives both socially and economically. It will take the deported immigrants’ years to blend, and some of them may end up dead based on the magnitude of the shock caused by this change. There is also need to note that most of these people will end up in untold hardship if they ever step foot back into their home countries. These people came in from countries with high level of unemployment and heights of poverty hence there is need to allow them to continue to live within the states and not sent back to their countries. (Slack, 22-34)

We must also understand that the statistics are evidence on this issue by pointing out that there are several millions of these of people in the country. This also means some of this people are married to American spouses, what we would do in such situations. Would it be morally right to deport one spouse and leave the other? Such action is wrong and against the societal value and institution of marriage. Some of these people have kids. Should we also deport their children, I don’t think we can because according to the United States’ law any child born in the country automatically becomes a US citizen. Do we deport parents and allow children to remain within the USA that will be morally wrong also. Such children are citizens of the United States hence they have rights to public education irrespective of the immigration status of their parents, (Coulson, 22)

There is a need to state that the fact that some undocumented immigrants have caused some damages to the American society in the past. This factor should not be considered as being enough to tarnish the image of the entire group. There are some bad Americans all over the world it doesn’t mean all Americans are evil. We must not forget that other immigrants have lived peacefully within the United States for years, they have abided by our laws and have also contributed to the economy of our country in the form for a supply of human resources. (Peter 55-64)

There is need to conclude by stating that it is against the international immigration law for people to move into and live in the country without legal permission, however, I will like to implore the government of the United States to think twice before making the exit decision for undocumented immigrants. We must not forget that history told us that a large percentage of us also immigrated into this land. We must also remember that these people came to seek shelter under our wings and they have contributed and are still contributing to the development of our great country. Hence I submit that millions of undocumented immigrations should be allowed to live in the U.S. without fear of getting deported because that is the moral decision to be taken in a situation like ours.

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October 13, 2022
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