Should University And College Be Free

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Education is critical to a country's economic development. It serves as a country's pillar and defines its economic prosperity. Maintaining genuine relations with surrounding countries and foreign organizations necessitates high levels of tutelage in the leadership system. Perhaps notably, the curriculum fosters an open mind and promotes future experimentation. The issue of whether college and university education should be free has become more important today than ever before. Many individuals have voiced their clear beliefs and viewpoints on this principle. Tuition fees, in my mind, should be paid for college and university tuition. Free education highly benefits Nations. Many individuals are entitled to the acquisition of learning irrespective of their economic status. Likewise, heightens literacy levels amongst citizens hence facilitating comfortable and friendly communication within and outside the nation (Collier & Herman, 2016). Proponents of free education often argue that the high fees charged at the universities act as a barrier to many students especially those from the poor backgrounds. As a result, it hinders them from fully exploiting their career opions. This is unlike free tuition which provides them with a platform to enable them attain their career goals. Although this argument sounds logical, I believe that free college education is less beneficial to students for the reasons outlined below.

The young generation might find it difficult in planning with their finances. In as much as the students will be learning for free, they might find it difficult in weighing the magnitude of the loan given to them, thus end up spending on luxuries like buying of houses than renting. Purchase of cars, spend much on healthy foods, traveling, enjoying luxuriously and forgetting the purpose of their coming to the college (Weis, 2016). College loans are ever the major priority that people tend to work with, paying them off in a very timely manner proves that one knows how to budget with his or her money. Without having to spend the money in school, that experience will not exist, which makes them end up in the unplanned predicaments.

The rise in the number of universities demands to put many resources to meet the standards. In as much as the government scuffles to increase the real spending in the school education, there is a high possibility that the schooling and research done fails most of the time. This causes the education system to lag behind making the learners to lose a lot in the learning process (Freuler, 2016). If at all the universities can charge the scholars, it will help in maintaining the resources, quality teaching and upholding the status quo of the institution.

Colleges might not seem to be of any significance. In the case where no payment is made, parents and students are likely to feel more relaxed about their studies that do not have any reimbursement associated with them (Weis, 2016). It also makes students not to attend classes altogether because they do not have to get their money worth. They attend the lessons perfunctorily for certificate purposes. The current price is a driving force making learners` work hard in school and at least score good grades. Without any financial drive, the students appear more lazy and lackadaisical.

In as much as free education has a favor on the financial side, the above points give a bright and vivid elucidation why there should be some fee charged. The arguments for charging tuition fee outweigh those for not charging it. For this matter, I strongly concur and support the fact that payment of tuition fee is important in the education sector as a whole. The government should initiate this in all aspect for quality services to be rendered to the learners, thus making them assets within the nation.

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August 09, 2021

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