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skill and attitude development

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Success does not only mean working hard, but it involves a number of other facets of life. In the first place, the student has to make some effort and commitment to research. Second, optimistic thought raises belief that studies can find it easy and contribute to better chances of success at the university all the time. Third, high morale is a key driver for growth. No one should force a student to study, but the inspiration should be personal expectations. Many students choose to set up their businesses or get high-paying post-university careers. Similarly, managers are looking for career credentials as well as 'soft' skills, which are facets of human personality. Soft skills include adaptability to change, teamwork, and problem-solving. The hard skills empower individuals to perform well in the academics, but it is attitude, confidence, time management and critical thinking that help in interaction with people as well as succeeding in the working environment after school.

Critical Thinking

Logical thinking is a crucial element in all qualified academic discipline. The critical thinking process helps in comprehension of information and use the knowledge to make logical conclusions. These principles are applicable across all disciplines provided the student applies philosophical contextualization. University students should be able to skilful enter into the logic of issues and problems. The critical thinker will view the life challenges without social-centric or egocentric bias. Critical thinking creates a strong sensitivity in mind thus able to generate insights and addresses the various obstacles compromising high quality thought and learning. At the university, critical thinking is relevant an essential in every life’s aspect of a student. University is an institution where discussion and learning take place. The students need to research and enquire more about the fields of study to make a quality education rather than on lectures. Lazy students depend on listening to their teachers and make no further inquiring for more knowledge. However, it is important to note that not everything said by teachers is correct and it requires students to research and confirm information received. Research offers opportunities to expand knowledge through new information and skills. Moreover, it does not necessarily involve information accumulation; rather, critical thinking deduces consequences from the known of offering solutions to problems. Students should not become critical or argumentative but should expose wrong reasoning and fallacies. Successful students think critically and are creative, follow rules of rationale and logic. After school, critical thinkers should enhance processes at the workplaces and work to improve social institutions. The students who think critically have the ability demonstrate a positive attitude, self-confidence and time management. Additionally, they have problem-solving skills, reasoning abilities as use technical support system in the most appropriate manner. These are characteristics of a good university student and are a key indicator of success during the life time at the institution and other life’s aspects.

Time Management

Time is a valuable resource in the life of a student. There are 168 hours or 7 days in a week it is unhealthy to allocate and devote the entire week to studies. The students need to allocate time slots to the various essential activities. The calendar should factor in the study time, sleep, exercise, work, and free time, quality time with family members, household chores, travel and domestic commitment. It is also counter-productive to carry out all activities at all times. Setting objectives and goals that are achievable and realistic help in proper planning and time allocation. Therefore, the effective planning is an important skill to assign specific time slots to activities based on priority. Time management refers to making the best use of limited time. Students must list down events in a single day and time allocated for each activity. The habit of spending the right time on the right activity is one step towards success. Unimportant things such as Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms should have as little time allocation. The work that needs immediate attention should be given the priority. Setting deadlines allow completion of tasks within set timelines. A planner will be useful in marking the dates of a particular task against the deadline. Where one is unable to accomplish all the activities, it is prudent to delegate responsibilities. Students should learn how to have limits to extracurricular activities, divide households tasks among members of the family to increase studying hours. It is important to accept assistance from family members and friends who would want you to succeed. Ultimately, the students need to remain organised and focused for effective time management.

Positive Attitude

Learning is an emotional experience where past academic experiences affect current academic performance. Depending on the content and nature of the memories, learners have happiness and spells of sadness. Similarly, the emotions have an impact on learning approach and motivation. Personal difficulties are distractors that result to loss of focus. It is the only attitude that helps student persevere and gain courage towards their studies. Attitude is the settled way of feeling or thinking, typically reflected in an individual’s behaviour. According to Sasson (2011), positive thinking is the mental attitude admitting into the thoughts, images and words that are conducive to expansion, growth and success. The mental attitude expects favourable and goods results. A person has a stable life depending on the mental and physical feeling. A positive mind will always anticipate joy, health, joy, happiness and successful outcomes in every action. Attitude plays an integral part in determining how people view life and affects how to approach the personal and academic goals as well as how to handle situations. One cannot have control on what happening around, but one can control the attitude. Additionally, it affects the looks, what they say, and what people do. The positive attitude is a principal driver or wiliness to learn. Students need to think that they will succeed or they will never achieve. The approach and attitude determine how individuals deal with difficulties and problems. For instance, it is important to perceive setback as problems or as part life challenges. There are real crises and genuine problems in life, but the coping mechanism strengthens individual student’s resolve towards goal achievement or result to failure.


Attitude toward a class dictates student’s success. The belief that one can learn the material and excel increases the chances of succeeding. It is not the time to contemplate about how the material readings are difficult rather; it is time to lay down strategies to overcome the challenges. According to Sanders and Sanders (2009), academic confidence is the belief students have that they can perform any task (including the difficult once) at a particular level towards attaining the set goals. Confidence is a reflection of positive expectation of success in studies that result in the accomplishment of activities and tasks in which they feel to have enough competence. Higher academic confidence is associated with higher academic achievers who express calmness when approaching difficult tasks. The inner or personal motivation is a critical component in driving academic confidence. Students who perceive themselves as worthless have lower confidence and self-esteem, lower academic skills and have transition challenges. The performances of such students are always not up to the optimum level. The school administrators need to understand confidence level among students so that they can create an effective learning environment. The emotional support, social experiences and mastery of skills helps in building academic confidence at the university.


Success at the university requires one to study and have a goal in life. The students must understand how to convert their wish into real results. It is important to identify ways of sustaining the efforts. The goals set at the beginning of the first semester become the key driving force that helps in transformation of motivation or intentions into behaviour and actions. Students need to develop good study skills and strategies in learning to maintain high motivation thus achieve personal goals easily and efficiently. Positive thinking represents the experiences of personal meaning to certain events in life. The critical thinking relates to attitude of students in the universities. Therefore, it is important to have the correct mindset, attitude and composure that will help in the academic success and interaction with other people during and after school.


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