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Smart Life is a telecommunications firm based in Silicon Valley, California, that was founded in the United States. The corporation is steadily becoming a symbol of excellence in the telecom industry throughout America, Europe, and the rest of the world. Many of these accomplishments may be ascribed to the organization's previous hiring of devoted, motivated, and experienced people. The firm's mission and vision statements are also quite inspirational, since many employees are inspired to stay innovative and provide fresh products to the market. The firm achieves a competitive edge by utilizing a supporting organizational structure. Smart Life Inc.'s structure provides for smooth flow of information among the workforce to allow for fast and efficient decision-making process. The strong-point of the corporation lies in the vision and mission statement. The vision statement defines the direction that the products take in overall organizational growth while the mission statement mirrors the things or action to be taken to ensure the achievement of the set objectives.

Smart Life's Vision Statement

We believe and truly understand that our purpose of existence is to make and design great, unique and innovative technological products. We incorporate innovation, creativity, integrity and honesty in every aspect production. We only engage in markets where we perceive the potential of making good prospects. We don't believe in many projects and product combinations that do not generate adequate revenue but shall only indulge in few projects that are worth the investment. We understand the potential for growth, expansion and brand identity possessed by well-sourced collaborations and partnerships. We, therefore, never settle for anything less than excellence because we are excellence in ourselves.

Smart Life's vision statement is elaborate and explicit in reflecting the company's exclusive desire continually grow and succeed. For instance, the report emphasizes on innovation since the telecommunication industry encounters rapid technological evolution. Firms that do not embrace technological advancements become threatened of existing the market. The statement further identifies integrity, honesty, and quality to develop confidence, trust, and loyalty in the customers' mind. Brand loyalty significantly influences a telecommunication entity's capacity to grow its revenue continually. Smart Life carefully selects the markets for its products to avoid entering non-viable segments. Market research thus forms an integral component of the segmentation process to avoid the risks of exiting the scene (Sparrow, Brewster & Chung, 2016).

The detailed vision statement helps the employees to commit and dedicate their time towards the attainment or organizational goals. The statement comprehensively insists on the importance of the human resources for they are responsible for coming up with unique designs and business models. They are required as well to uphold high standards of integrity and honesty to attract client confidence and trust. The insistence on excellence ensures that sustainable success and growth (Cania, 2016).

Smart Life's Mission

Smart Life realizes the dynamism in the telecommunication industry globally, and therefore, it shall modify its mission statement to suit the changing global economic situation. Smart Life designs produce and markets the leading micro-slim smartphones, portable, easy to carry along and simple to use. Smart Life incorporates simplicity to every personal computer it creates and presents to the market. Smart Life is also revolutionizing the mobile media computing sector through the production of its first line of voice recognition and motion sensing technology.

The successful implementation of this comprehensive mission statement depends on the right people hired for the job. Currently, forty percent of the employees in the firm are baby boomers between the age of 52-70 and 98% of them plan to retire in 2018 and 2019 due to changing retirement benefits. The leaving of these valuable workforces will leave a big gap regarding expertise and experience to be filled by new workers who shall be hired subsequently. The company has to prepare strategically for the exit and influx of human resources as well as obtaining of the best from the pool of potential and prospective talented individuals (Sparrow, Brewster & Chung, 2016). The paper shall, therefore, try to provide strategic insight into the hiring, training, and retention of top talent.

Strategic Human Resource Planning

The primary goal of this plan is to ensure that Smart Life obtains adequate and best suited talented workforce to meet its aims and objectives in the most economical manner. The plan will as well ensure that the company conforms to the legal, economic, social and technological trends in the relevant organizational departments. The future at most of the times becomes unpredictable and hard to provision for, and hence the plan will help in flexing the firm to adapt and adjust to changes in the future without affecting the operations and profitability (Delery & Roumpi, 2017).

Capacity of Current HR

Most of the workforce consists of the baby boomers in the age bracket 52-70. These people offer the organization a wealth of experience and knowledge and have sacrificed for the success of Smart Life. Their exit will lead to a deficiency of the relevant skills that are required to design and produce the company products. However, before they are allowed to leave, the firm has embarked in inviting applications from qualified persons to apply for the positions. The leaving employees will be assigned the incumbent team to mentor them. The strategy will ensure that the new members of staff are enriched with adequate skills as well as familiarized with the organization's culture (Delery & Roumpi, 2017).

The people hired must have sufficient knowledge in the respective fields they will be applying for to make the training easier, fast and efficient. Competing firms offer lucrative and attractive remuneration packages as well as benefits, therefore, limiting Smart Life's ability to attract new workers. However, the organization shall attract and retain this new personnel through providing flexible work schedules as well as sponsorships to professional campaigns and workshops to develop their professional life. The firm shall moreover create and fully empower a research and development (R&D) department to take care of innovations. Empowering innovations will ensure that the entity acquires a competitive advantage over the rest of the industry (Ghinea, 2015).

The US labor market is always changing with labor unions gaining strength in advocating for the rights of workers. The unions push for increased minimum pay every financial year, therefore, raising the cost of labor. Additionally, Constitution authorizes picketing and peaceful demonstrations for dissatisfied workers. The violent strikes and protests cause significant losses due to waste of useful time. The company shall, therefore, develop an equal performance based compensation plan to avoid the frequent employee strikes. Smart Life also wants to expand into other global markets appearing to be viable. It will hence have to hire managers and supervisors that will integrate the various cultures found in the job place.

Recruiting To Support Organizational Goals

As the baby boomers are leaving the organization, the much-needed expertise, skills, and knowledge are likely to be lost. And hence, there is a need for Smart Life to recruit skilled and talented staff to take up the positions left vacant by this workforce. Moreover, there is a growing need for cutting production costs by reducing the number of employees. Attrition will ensure that the organization attains its cost efficiency objectives for it will only replace those functions that will be deemed relevant and useful. And therefore, job sharing will be much preferred through training of the remaining workers on the roles performed by those leaving (Ghinea, 2015).

New recruits will be put through on-the-job training to reduce the costs associated with paying for class-based learning. It will be appropriate to subject the newly hired workers through some cultural training to facilitate fast integration into the organization. However, Smart Life is motivated to reduce the amount of money spent in paying employees to remain profitable because, at the moment, nearly half of the revenue generated goes to paying salaries and wages. Hence, outsourcing of some functions such as marketing and distribution of most of its products. The strategy is identified to reduce the marketing and distribution expenditure hugely. Some of the outsourceable functions can include legal services. Partnerships will also reduce the organization's involvement in supply chains but allow the company to expand and take its operations abroad at the least cost possible (Cania, 2016).

Motivating the Human Resources

Smart Life intends to motivate its workforce through performance-based compensation, flexible work schedules, values-oriented environment and efficient leadership. The organization structure will be modified to remove informational barriers to facilitate fast decision making. The flexibility of the organization chart will as well ensure that every member of the staff is involved and fully engaged in making major decisions that affect their operations in the company. The role of the human resources department at Smart Life is to lead and inspire transformation with integrity, honesty, and responsibility. The workforce is adequately mentored to uphold high standards of ethical standing (Ghinea, 2015).

Employees' actions is usually a result of what they possess, and therefore, they will most likely perform dismally if they lack the necessary training and skills. Moreover, what they feel about the organization contributes to how they will react or employ their abilities towards the attainment of the shared objectives. A strategy pointed at efficiency usually motivates the workforce to look for means of lowering costs or acting in a manner that will likely satisfy the customers, instill confidence in them as well as build trust. At the end of the day, the actions of the workers to a greater extent determine the profitability of the business. As much as the human resources help the enterprise attain its profitability, it is appropriate to empower them through the advancement of worker-centered initiatives (Cania, 2016).


Training of the new personnel will form an important and integral role in empowering the workforce with the right skills to perform the assigned tasks. Moreover, the training can get supplemented by the recruitment function which in most cases identifies the most suitable candidates for the positions occupied by the retiring baby boomers. The department for training is also charged with the responsibility of identifying areas of the requirement within the organization and acting by formulating strategies and ways of handling them. Additionally, candidates who complete the training program need to be awarded certificates to motivate others to undertake such programs.


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May 17, 2023
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