Soccer in the USA

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Soccer is a common sport in the United States. The practice dates back over a century and is thought to have begun when the governing body of rugby football and the association of football in England split up. When the football association was formed, soccer was born. In order to practice soccer, each team must field 11 players. Soccer is a popular sport that is played by people of all races and origins. In the United States, for example, the brand is known as soccer, while the sport is known as football in other countries. Despite the fact that the sport has different titles, the method of execution remains the same. One of the reasons soccer is so popular is that it only takes a ball and an open space for people to play. The goal posts are fixed using any material from stones to metallic post provided the area mimics a way. A soccer fanatic will say the sport is the easiest activity to carry out as they have mastered the art of controlling the ball by use of their legs. The fans view the practice easy as it is perfectly executed by the professional. However, the skill set is not as easy as perceived. To gasp fully the concept of playing, hours are required on the training ground to improve and polish the movement of the interested party with the ball.

People practice soccer for different reasons. To some, soccer is a profession, and they will spend hours on the training ground to sharpen their skills. The best time and place is selected to get the most out of the training. Early sessions are advised for training, as the body is still fresh from the rest, therefore, the person is likely to benefit more from the coaching. The skill and the fun levels of practicing soccer increase as the subject spend more time playing. The more the knowledge of soccer grows in a person, the better the chances of them being enthusiasts of the game.

In addition to this, other people practice the game for fun. Adults occasionally play to clear their minds or as a form of distracting the brain. The sport provides the means of releasing tension in a person. However, soccer can be practiced for fun too as proven by the kids. It keeps the children active, leads to fewer injuries as compared to other sports, and requires less equipment and most importantly it is easy to learn at a tender age. The activity can be played in parks, homes, schools and even at some workplaces.

The practice is accompanied by various benefits ranging from social, health and economic. Ask anyone with soccer knowledge, and outline the physical benefits of playing football. Medical practitioners have even resided to prescribing the sport to their patients. Football builds the stature of a person since the muscle tends to grow when subjected to strain. Kicking the ball provides the tension for the muscle and constant practice lowers the body fat while improving the muscle tone.

Running with the ball enhances the circulation of blood in the human system. The uninterrupted flow of blood in the body increases the aerobic capacity and the cardiovascular vigor. Soccer reduces the instances of blood pressure or other conditions that affect the heart such the cardiac arrest. The practice also builds the body strength, as the sport is a contact activity, though not as physical as the rugby. The knocks suffered in the game provide the platform for the body to initiate healing making the person acquire endurance. The medics that individuals who play soccer are less likely to worry, as it is a creative sport, prove it. To maneuver effectively through a participant, there is invention and execution of the cunning ways.

Soccer encourages teamwork whenever practiced for an extended period. The members begin to fight for each while on the field. A score not only benefits the scorer but the team as it is added to the tally of the group. Playing soccer encourages people to put maximum effort into defeating the opponent and claim the bragging rights. Firms have incorporated the sport into their office fun days where one firm competes against another company. The team compromise of the office workers only. Playing soccer is a good way to highlight the value of teamwork in a working environment.

Moreover, soccer has economic benefits. The activity is a profession. It is played in the sports arenas with fans watching and cheering their teams from the stands. The players are paid heavily for playing. Soccer academies are also on the rise; kids are taught to play from tender ages and develop with the sport coded in their genes, which they later practice as a career. Legends have been born for just playing soccer both at international and at the local levels. To add to the pile, statures have been built to commemorate the best players.

Soccer improves the mental aspect of a person. It creates a flow in the work of the participant; a state that arises when you are fully immersed in performing a challenging task. Football brings a sense of satisfaction, as there is full engagement and motivation of the members while performing the art. Psychologists claim the secret to living a happy life is to experience flow in whatever a person is doing. The intensity and the dynamic nature of the game improve the concentration of a player as it engages the brain much more than just figuring the movement of the feet.

However, practice of soccer has its disadvantages. In as much as the players are less likely to suffer injuries in the field, the injury risk is real and can happen at any moment, from heavily falling to the ground after jumping for the ball to suffering a hard tackle from the opponent. Joint dislocations and broken bones are some of the horror injuries associated with the sport. Although the sport has rules and regulation for participation, the physical nature of the game makes it difficult for the players to avoid the injuries fully.

Practicing the activity at profession level requires more time and commitment to the work. The schedules involve entirely around the team such as gym workouts team practices, which make the life of the players more hectic. The dedication required often makes the players take a backseat in doing other life activities as the success of the team hinges on all the best players being fit and ready to fire. However, the benefits of playing soccer outweigh its cons.

Soccer is a beautiful game for the modern society. It unites people of different races, values, and culture. The practice does not rely on communication, rather a smart coordination of running with the ball at the feet, control, and a good passing of the ball and striking it well past the keepers to make a score.

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