Social Developmental Lifespan

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Evolutionary Social Lifespan Cognitive development in humans has been put forward as the central aspect of social evolution in the evolutionary social lifespan, where thoughts and brain functions bring improvements to how humans feel and think. Surgery may be used in the process to summarize the social evolutionary and in comparison to it, there are results that go hand in hand with the process and as opposed to other forms of histology of brain tumor, it is found beneficial to the victims of Meningioma. The presence of a brain tumor in itself can affect emotion and other cognitive functions of the brain and in that perspective I second the surgery be conducted if possible to the patients with low-grade glioma. Compared to high-grade glioma because low-grade shows a positive results where the patients gets recovery after the process unlike the high-grade in which the tumor causes normal perception to be impaired.

From the long learning and understanding, I tend to agree from the study that the neuropsychological purposes in glioma patients can be very beneficial for identifying cognitive problems allied to both the tumor histology and the operation itself. Therefore, the results with those found, for instance, the right posterior parietal functions. The thorough explanation of patients with high-grade glioma showed that there is a poor performance on the process of surgery where the Low-grade glioma showed positive impact on treatment in that they recover within months, thus changing their social life and gaining a normal human being lifestyle.

Generally, understanding the neurosurgeon process helps in building a system of a perfect medical care strategies that will lead to a better medical attention to patients victim of the tumor. The system will help the victims to plan and evaluate costs and benefits in planning the surgical strategy. By following the above, victims will end up meeting the right treatment attention that are positively effective


Campanella, F., Fabbro, F., Ius, T., Shallice, T., & Skrap, M. (2015). Acute effects of surgery on emotion and personality of brain tumor patients: Surgery impact, histological aspects, and recovery. Neuro-Oncology 17(8), 1121-1131. doi:10.1093/neuonc/nov065

October 20, 2021

Psychology Sociology

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